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Feb 16
Integrate MoreApp with your Systems

Did you know that MoreApp works with partners that develop great integrations for other companies? Informapp is one of these partners. They have developed integrations for over five years that let you integrate MoreApp with other systems. What can Informapp mean for their customers?

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Feb 11
Exporting Data to Excel

With the MoreApp Platform, you can store, manage and export the data that you’ve captured with digital forms. All from one place. We’ve been improving the part where you can export the data to Excel.

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Jan 31
Get Started with our Zapier Templates

We are happy to announce we now have created new templates in Zapier. You can easily use these predefined templates, also referred to as Zaps, to optimise your workflows with MoreApp. Discover everything you need to know about these Zapier templates.

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Jan 18
Our Ready-to-Use COVID-19 Templates

New restrictions and health measurements come into place regularly. With MoreApp’s ready-to-use digital forms you are more than prepared for these changes. You can easily adjust your digital forms to these new standards or create new forms in an instant.

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Jan 10
MoreApp’s new Berlin Office

We're kicking off 2022 with some great news from our team in Berlin! MoreApp is expanding rapidly in the German market, we are ready to tackle all challenges and opportunities from our new office in Berlin. The new office is focused on sustainability just as much as we are. Find out more about our new office: EDGE Workspaces.

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Jan 3
How to Achieve your Business Goals with MoreApp in 2022

New year, new opportunities. Companies will have set new business goals for 2022. How to achieve these goals? Find out how MoreApp’s digital forms can help you accomplish these goals.

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Dec 20
2021: A Year in Review for MoreApp

2021 hasn’t been the easiest year for many companies, but at MoreApp we like to end the year on a positive note. Small or big changes, we are proud of all milestones we accomplished in 2021. Take a look at MoreApp's year in review and find out what we have in store for 2022.

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Dec 16
Efficient Equipment Management in the Construction and Infrastructure Sector

Paper forms are a thing of the past for Van Baarsen. Since they started working with MoreApp they have managed to save lots of time and they have been able to increase employee satisfaction. Van Baarsen is specialised in the field of underground infrastructures like pipelines and cables. Entering data used to take up a long time. With MoreApp all data is entered correctly and safely stored in one place. Discover how Van Baarsen uses MoreApp for their projects.

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Dec 3
5 Tips for a More Sustainable December

At MoreApp we support initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment. We all try to reduce our ecological footprint and we praise great new initiatives. Our team happily shares five useful tips for a sustainable December. Together we can make the world a little better.

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Nov 30
9 Sectors that Benefit from Processing Information with Digital Forms

Working with digital forms will help your company improve processes. MoreApp lists nine sectors that can benefit from collecting and processing data by using our digital forms. If you are working in one of these sectors you can find out more about our ready-to-use templates that will make your professional life a lot easier. With our templates, you can get started immediately and focus on other important things of your business.

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Nov 24
Increased Security and Efficiency with Digital Forms

Facilicom Belgium had to take a different approach in order to be able to comply with local legal obligations. This different approach has been made possible by MoreApp and its digital forms. A positive development is the increased safety conditions of the workplace and the safety of the employees. By using digital protocols they have gained better insights into risks and dangers on the work floor. Keep reading if you want to know how Facilicom has improved its health and safety conditions.

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Nov 15
Single Sign-On is Live

We have added Single sign-on (SSO) as an add-on to our Tree plan. SSO was already included in our Forest plan! Get started with this new feature to simplify your user management.

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Nov 8
What is a Digital Form?

Using digital forms, the electronic version of paper forms has many benefits. Going digital saves your company time and money. Another great advantage is that it reduces the amount of paper that’s being used. With MoreApp’s digital forms, you can access all forms from any location and you can use our forms both online and offline. Last but not least, you can easily modify your form online.

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Nov 2
Customer Support that Matters

We always believe to act in our customers' best interest. Great customer support matters to us, as a matter of fact, it is one of our company’s core values. Our dedicated Support team provides our customers with the best possible customer service. But there is something that is extra special about MoreApp’s Support team. At MoreApp we work as a team, which means each member of the team covers a support shift. Want to find out the reason behind our All Hands Support?

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Oct 14
Join our Online Workshop

Did you know MoreApp also organises online workshops? Our Digital Consultant Nienke shares her tips & tricks every month during a live workshop for the Dutch market. The perfect opportunity to learn more about our Form Builder, users, data sources and more. Want to participate in one of these workshops? Find out what you can expect from MoreApp’s online workshops.

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Oct 5
Digital Protocols for Swiss Vehicle Subscription Startup

By using MoreApp, the Swiss startup CARIFY has digitised its work processes and has been able to achieve enormous time savings. The company uses protocols for vehicle handovers that have been created and tailored to its processes. Would you like to find out more about CARIFY's digital and sustainable way of working?

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Sep 24
New Forest Feature: Free Branding

MoreApp has a surprise for our forest plan customers! We now offer the Branding module for free for all our customers with the forest subscription.

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Sep 23
CEO MoreApp Trades Car for Electric Bicycle

You can no longer find a fancy car in front of the MoreApp office in Rotterdam. A shiny electric bicycle is what you will find instead. These days, MoreApp’s CEO Thom Bokelaar hops on his new bike to reduce his ecological footprint. This completely aligns with MoreApp’s vision to focus on more eco-friendly solutions, like eliminating paper forms and reducing CO2 emissions. Here you can read the whole interview with Thom!

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Sep 22
Saving Paper with Enhanced Digital Forms

Streamlining their processes with the use of MoreApp is one of the top priorities for Pas Reform. Pas Reform offers total solutions for the hatchery industry for incubation equipment and other commercial poultry solutions. Their complex paper forms required a time-saving and paperless solution, that’s why they have chosen to work with MoreApp.

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Sep 6
Air Corsica Saves Time with Digital Forms

Air Corsica, the Corsican airline, uses MoreApp for various digital forms and reports. They create operational and incident reports that are used during flights or on the ground. Keep reading to find our more about these reports.

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