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25 May
How to Keep Track of Customers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to new rules in order to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus, most of the restaurants around the world have to keep track of their customers. How can MoreApp help improve your data collecting process?

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15 May
Your Own Free Inspection App

Do you want to have your own inspection app for all the workplace, health and safety checklists you have to fill-in? You can have it without any investment. Using an inspection app in the construction industry can save you up to 75% of the time compared to working with paper forms.

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8 May
Environment and Public Health Inspection App

The municipality of Sant Cugat del Vallès, located next to Barcelona, is taking a big step towards a digital administration!

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28 Apr
What Is a Digital Form?

A digital form is an electronic version of a paper form. Using digital forms gives you access to every form in any location. You save time and money that others are spending on the pre-printed forms.

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18 Apr
MoreApp’s Tips to Keep Good Vibes during Lockdown

How does our Team continue to keep having good vibes? What is our way of working during the current lockdown? The MoreApp Team shares their tips in order to stay healthy and optimistic during this pandemic period.

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17 Apr
Kyly Group won an award for their 5S Audit process

Kyly Group, a leading manufacturer in children's clothing based in Brazil, uses MoreApp to ensure quality through 5S Digital Audit Forms. In November 2019 the company won the award for best practices in 5S management in Santa Catarina. How did the company win the award?

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16 Apr
How Autostock Works With a Vehicle Inspection Checklist

AutoStock optimises its processes by using a Vehicle Inspection Checklist. How does MoreApp’s solution help the company improving its workflows?

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9 Apr
Digital Work Order App

Are you in need of a secure digital work order app? Here's why you should try MoreApp!

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24 Mar
Start using a Corona Symptoms Checklist Application

During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to take extra health measures. This can be done by checking the employee's health on a daily basis using a Checklist Application.

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23 Mar
How Digital Forms Are Transforming the Fashion Industry

The family-owned company RIANI is one of the leading premium womenswear brands in Europe. Since 1978 the company has been focusing on a constant balance between innovation and tradition. MoreApps Digital Forms are used in daily business and at events. How does the company benefit by using MoreApp?

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18 Mar
Free Digital Forms for Students

We offer students our digital form software for free. We believe that students are the future. The sooner students learn to work with our Form Builder the better.

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3 Mar
How an Account Manager Can Use MoreApp

Discover how the use of MoreApp's digital forms software will provide speed and efficiency to an account manager's work.

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19 Feb
The First Week at MoreApp

Three new marketing executives joined the MoreApp team last week! Let's find out about their first week working at the digital forms company.

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18 Feb
How Digital Maintenance Reports help Improving Processes

The Mexican company Groke digitised its maintenance reports. With the digitisation of their work processes they increased their productivity and generated greater insights.

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17 Feb
Feelings & Impressions: My First Week at MoreApp Berlin

MoreApp welcomed three new interns over the past week at the offices in Berlin, Rotterdam and Barcelona. Discover how fun it is to be an intern in the MoreApp office in Berlin!

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16 Feb
The 5 Things I Learnt During my First Week

Monday 10th January, the day I started internship! I woke up with plenty of butterflies in my tummy, however that quickly turned into pure excitement.

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15 Feb
My First Week Experience at MoreApp Barcelona

Three new interns joined MoreApp’s offices in Rotterdam, Berlin and Barcelona last week. Discover Elisa's first week impressions at MoreApp Barcelona. 

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22 Jan
What’s New at MoreApp in 2020

Discover what is new (and what will stay the same) at MoreApp in 2020. From product development to a new office, keep reading to check out what 2020 will look like for MoreApp!

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21 Jan
Hulphond Foundation Captures Donor Information with Digital Form

The Hulphond Foundation saves 40 hours per week with digital forms! Their volunteers, who were previously typing the paper forms into the computer, can now focus on other activities.

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17 Dec
MoreApp at Web Summit 2019

The MoreApp Team flew to Lisbon to attend one of the world's biggest technology events, Web Summit Conference 2019 edition. Keep reading to know more!

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