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23 Dec
All in One Lean Management Tool

MoreApp helps you with an all in one lean management tool to optimise your company processes.

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10 Dec
French Transportation Company Digitalises Operational Management

Séché Transports, located in France, uses digital checklists to improve its operational performance.

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4 Dec
Real-time Reports for Field Marketing

Organized and quick insight with digital reports of store demonstrations, promotions, and sampling with CP2 Fieldmarketing.

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18 Nov
Security update: TLS

At MoreApp we are continuously improving the security of our product.

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22 Oct
Our Customer Service

At MoreApp we do our very best to deliver the best customer service we can. We have created a fantastic Help Center with many step-by-step guides and tutorials to follow. Next to that, we offer support via our chat channel and email.

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19 Oct
An Order App that Increases your Efficiency

The Ecuadorian company Pan en Casa has managed to optimise its orders thanks to the use of MoreApp’s digital forms. Read how they use a digital product catalogue!

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5 Oct
Nienke's First Week at MoreApp Rotterdam

On Tuesday the 1st of September, I started the first day of my internship at MoreApp. With a head full of questions, I walked to the MoreApp office in Rotterdam.

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22 Sep
Easily Communicate with Field Staff

What started with one digital form has grown into the automation of multiple processes. With the result; more interaction between operational and office employees.

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17 Aug
MoreApp Goes Back to the Office

MoreApp’s international team goes back to the office. After several months working from home due to Covid-19 pandemic, the MoreApp team is happy to work from the office again. Discover photos and feelings shared by the team!

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24 Jul
Security Update

At MoreApp we take security seriously. In fact, security is our number one priority! How does MoreApp secure your data?

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23 Jul
New on Forms and Folders

We’ve been working on improving the way you manage your forms! What does this mean for you?

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15 Jul
SMEG-SMA Optimises Processes with Digital Forms

SMEG-SMA from Monaco uses audit, quality control and checklist forms. Discover how digitisation has enabled them to work more efficient and save time!

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16 Jun
Create Your Digital Application Form

Create a digital application form for free with our easy and intuitive Form Builder. Use MoreApp to create a form for every occasion!

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15 Jun
Kraft Heinz Saves Time Using an Audit App

The world's fifth-largest company in the food industry has taken the digitalisation path. Discover how Kraft Heinz optimised their data collection with MoreApp. 

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31 May
How Digital Forms Bring Positive Change

Exellior is the preferred partner when it comes to achieving behavioural changes within the organisation. Their ultimate goal is to strengthen behaviour that makes a positive impact on the company’s objectives.

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26 May
How Does Deforestation Affect the Environment?

MoreApp, a digital forms software, gives you some shocking facts and figures to help you understand how deforestation affects our environment, why our forests are so important and why we should protect them.

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25 May
What Is an Application Checklist?

Not everyone knows how to take advantage of using an application checklist. Checklists are useful for different purposes, either for improving a company's performance and efficiency or to streamline the work processes.

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25 May
How to Keep Track of Customers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to new rules in order to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus, most of the restaurants around the world have to keep track of their customers. How can MoreApp help improve your data collecting process?

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15 May
Your Own Free Inspection App

Do you want to have your own inspection app for all the workplace, health and safety checklists you have to fill-in? You can have it without any investment. Using an inspection app in the construction industry can save you up to 75% of the time compared to working with paper forms.

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8 May
Environment and Public Health Inspection App

The municipality of Sant Cugat del Vallès, located next to Barcelona, is taking a big step towards a digital administration!

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