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May 9
The Future of MoreApp in Brazil and Highlights of Web Summit Rio 2023

What is it like to join a Dutch Trade Mission? MoreApp’s CEO Thom Bokelaar and CRO Arnau Abadal were lucky to be part of it. As part of the Dutch Delegation of the NBSO Network, they attended the first Web Summit 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, one of the biggest tech events. Find out why this event is important for MoreApp’s goals.

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Apr 26
A New Digital and Automated Inspection System

Do you need help improving your traditional paper-based inspection process? Use health authority ASPB as inspiration on how they use the power of digitisation. By introducing MoreApp's digital forms, ASPB has set up an automated inspection system that streamlines its daily operations. Read more about how they switched from paper inspections to a digital system with MoreApp.

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Apr 17
MoreApp Team Celebrates Achievements at all Locations

It’s time to celebrate our Team’s achievements! When it comes to building a strong bond, Team events are important. This time we celebrated our successes with our local offices. Barcelona, Berlin and Rotterdam all had some original and awesome activities planned. Curious to find out what they’ve been up to?

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Mar 16
Efficient Installation of Solar Panels with MoreApp

Zelf Besparen, the company specialising in solar panels, helps its customers to become more sustainable. They take care of the installation from A-Z and use MoreApp to digitise the forms used for this process. Want to find out how they increase their productivity and how Zelf Besparen streamlines their processes? Read more about it in this case study.

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Mar 13
MoreApp Attends Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona

MoreApp is excited to have attended the Mobile World Congress in 2023 in Barcelona. MWC was in Barcelona, home to one of our offices, and took place from the 27th of February until the 2nd of March 2023. Want to find out more about our Team’s experience at MWC? Keep reading.

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Mar 7
Digitise your own Work Order with MoreApp: Easy, efficient and time-saving

Paper work orders belong to the past. MoreApp helps you to create a digital work order in the blink of an eye. Personalise your work order with our easy-to-use Form Builder. The user-friendly widgets allow you to easily add photos, signatures and many more fields. This way you can create your digital work order and adjust it according to your needs.

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Mar 1
How To Make Your Business More Sustainable

Companies in the renewable energy sector often rely on paper forms for the inspection of materials and installation. This is inefficient and harmful to the environment. How can you eliminate your paper usage and optimise your processes with MoreApp for your business?

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Feb 1
SARAA Scotland and MoreApp to the Rescue

We couldn’t be more proud of the way MoreApp contributes to the rescue missions of Scotland’s Search and Rescue Aerial Association (SARAA Scotland). Testing weather conditions, high mountains and other rough conditions are the challenges the non-profit organisation faces. They use drones to search areas that are difficult to reach to help out people in need. As a form of aviation, these activities require checklists, risk assessments and other forms. All are digitised with MoreApp and remove the need for paper documents in the wilds of Scotland.

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Jan 24
Connect Your MoreApp Data With Exact Online

Do you want to get rid of manually entering customer data? With MoreApp, the integration possibilities are endless. Easylink, one of our Technical Partners, makes it possible to integrate MoreApp with Exact Online. That means you can import data from Exact Online into your digital forms. Want to know more about the benefits of this integration?

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Jan 4
MoreApp moves to a new office in Barcelona

Great news from our Spanish Team! Our Team in Barcelona has grown so much in the last few years that it was time for a bigger (and even fancier) office. We have found a new workspace in the heart of Barcelona’s neighbourhood Eixample. This new office space matches MoreApp’s core values regarding sustainability and employee well-being. Find out more about our new office.

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Dec 14
Sneak Peek: The New App that Makes your Life Easier

Something big is cooking! At MoreApp we take pride in our work. And we have been working very hard on one of the most significant product improvements in MoreApp’s history. We love to share a sneak peek of what you can expect of…. drum rolls: our new App!

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Dec 13
User-friendly Work Order App for the Construction and Transport Sector

Debru has found a user-friendly solution in MoreApp for their work orders. The company works on the development of temporary construction roads. With MoreApp the registration of their executed work is structured, efficient and transparent for Debru’s customers. Discover what advantages MoreApp's digital work order app can offer you.

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Nov 14
Why Muddebouw Chooses the Forest Plan

Family firm Muddebouw is a contractor specialising in the maintenance and renovation of properties for over 40 years. They have been using MoreApp for a long time and are recently benefitting from the advantages of the Forest plan. This resulted in a positive working relationship and collaboration. MoreApp has had the honour to offer a personalised workshop for Muddebouw. Read more in this blog about how all of this is realised.

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Nov 3
MoreApp has a New EU-Based Email Service Provider: MessageBird

MoreApp is now working with a new email service provider: MessageBird, previously called SparkPost. Our MessageBird data centre is located in the European Union, meaning it falls under the protection of the GDPR. What does this mean for you as our customer? Read everything about this change in our blog.

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Oct 21
MoreApp's New Pricing

From the 1st of January 2023, we will adjust our prices. In this blog post, we explain what you can expect as our customer.

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Oct 18
How to: Get the most out of your MoreApp account

Attention administrators, are you tired of unorganised work processes? We are here to help you get the most out of your MoreApp account. In this blog post, we share our best tips and tricks to boost your performance and structure your account more efficiently.

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Oct 13
Meet the Safety Culture Ladder Standards with MoreApp

Safety, sustainability and efficiency are key topics for WTH. WTH has over 50 years of experience in underfloor heating and cooling. In line with the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) method, they use MoreApp’s digital forms to ensure the quality and safety of their processes. Read more about how WTH digitises, manages and personalises forms with MoreApp.

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Sep 7
Get Started with MoreApp’s Digital SCC-Checklist

Mens-Zeist is an SCC-certified property maintenance company. SCC stands for Safety Checklist for Contractors. In order to meet all SCC requirements, they use MoreApp’s digital SCC checklist. With this checklist, they go over all the inspection points to comply with the safety, healthy and environmental standards. You can read here how Mens-Zeist uses this SCC checklist in practice.

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Aug 5
Digital Solutions for Field Service Operations

EasyDigital, one of MoreApp’s technical partners, provides field service solutions that are supported with digital forms. Capturing data in the work field, fast and without errors, is one of the many advantages of working with MoreApp. Do you want to discover how EasyDigital's customers benefit from integrating digital forms into their processes?

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Aug 3
Industry 4.0 - How MoreApp Digitises Your Workflows

Industry 4.0, known as the fourth industrial revolution, means a big leap forward for companies towards digitisation. The shift has had a great impact on the way businesses operate. What is Industry 4.0 exactly and how can MoreApp help you in this revolution? Find out more in this blog.

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