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How a Housing Corporation improves its reports with MoreApp

Inspections are an important part of the daily operations of the Dutch housing corporation De Woonschakel. For this purpose, they use MoreApp’s digital forms. De Woonschakel is located in West Friesland in the Netherlands and owns around 6,000 homes that they build, rent out and maintain. With MoreApp's digital forms, the entire process - from inspecting to reporting - is streamlined. This results in higher efficiency and more professionalism in the workplace.

For this case study, we have interviewed Margret Brandhoff from De Woonschakel to give you some insights on how to use MoreApp's forms to your advantage. Margret works as a Housing Consultant within the corporation. Her job involves lots of paperwork, which is entirely digitised with MoreApp. This digitisation has led to a significant increase in employee satisfaction.

Professionalism and Clarity Towards the Customer

What is for you the big advantage of working with digital forms? Margret: "The professionalism and transparency towards the customer.” At De Woonschakel they previously worked with pen and paper, which was very error-prone. "Bad handwriting can lead to errors in official documents," says Margret. Now that the process is digitised, tenants receive a copy of the pre-inspection, the final inspection and the description of the rented property. In this final report, all discussed matters are listed. The final report shows a clear overview of all discussed matters including photos.

"Our Housing Consultants are happy to use the digital rental agreements. Filling in the forms saves our employees lots of time and the automatically generated reports sent to customers look very professional."

Margret Brandhoff

De Woonschakel

Make Information Accessible and Insightful for all Employees

De Woonschakel’s employees are very satisfied with the implementation of MoreApp. The documentation has improved and errors are minimised. Illegible paper documents belong in the past. All employees of every department are able to access the information at any time. Inspections are easily shared within different departments.

A Support Team That Is Always Happy to Help Their Customers

De Woonschakel highly recommends the use of MoreApp. They believe housing corporations and estate agents would benefit from it. MoreApp's digital forms are easy and simple to use. Margret has joined the Online Workshop hosted by MoreApp to get started. Besides that, the Support Team has been a great help in the process of digitising the work processes.

"Whenever I can use some extra help while creating a form, MoreApp's Support Team is always there for me. What I particularly appreciate is the personal touch, I truly feel heard."

Margret Brandhoff

De Woonschakel

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