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MoreApp provides a perfect solution to digitize work orders. Thanks to the easy to use Form Builder, it is very ease to convert your paper forms into digital forms.

MoreApp is suitable for all kinds of forms, due to the extensive possibilities of the Form Builder. With our work order app you can add photos and signatures, import data, and integrate with any IT system. These and many more features are the reason why our customers trust MoreApp to be the best solution for their business to become a paperless office.

"I'm always looking for simple tools that work and do not cost too much. That's because I do most of the things myself. Thanks to MoreApp I can always find my maintenance orders." - Kurt Huyghe - Flanders Inox BVBA

MoreApp. More Time.

With the digital work order of MoreApp, workers don't need to retype their information after a long day of working.

“Before I worked with MoreApp I used to scan all paper work orders during the evenings. Taking up a lot of my spare time. Now I know for sure that I earn something after a long day of hard work without any extra effort.” - Kurt Huyghe - Flanders Inox BVBA

The added value of digital work orders

Digital work order are better than paper because:

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Visit our Blog and find out more about how our customers benefit from using our work order app. Take Bolsius as an example, they save 500 hours every year, giving them time to visit more customers each day.

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