Digital Solutions for Field Service Operations

EasyDigital, one of MoreApp’s technical partners, provides field service solutions that are supported with digital forms. Capturing data in the work field, fast and without errors, is one of the many advantages of working with MoreApp. Do you want to discover how EasyDigital's customers benefit from integrating digital forms into their processes?

"We provide customers with an entire online report, that includes personalised dashboards. MoreApp is a great tool for recording and integrating that data."

Harold Daza

EasyDigital Founder

The Power of Workflows

EasyDigital's customers find it very useful to build their own workflows. All these workflows are aligned with the phases in the evaluation process of the field assessment. Harold: "The use of digital forms is applied to all stages of the manufacturing process. Automated flows make it possible to send out instructions, followed by related actions.”

I&S Ventec has automated these workflows. They use digital forms to pre-fill parts of the form and send instructions at every stage of the manufacturing process for trucks. The process includes different stages such as initial manufacturing, evaluation and the delivery stage. Harold: “Some stages need to be monitored. Therefore we create notifications that are sent to responsible users”. Whenever an action needs to take place, each responsible owner knows what to do next.

"With MoreApp we are completely in charge of the process. They can see the progress online, analyse the defects, detect them and propose modifications.”

Harold Daza

EasyDigital Founder

Reduce Time and Optimise Processes

Digital forms save EasyDigital’s customers a lot of time in their work processes. Jorge: “Currently, our customers' manufacturing processes consist of ninety checklists per day. These checklists contain 150 photos in total.” Previously, this information had to be scanned, copied and archived, which cost a lot of paper. Jorge: "With MoreApp the process is reduced to zero hours and all reports are automatically integrated with our client's management systems".

MoreApp’s Added Value for Field Service Operations

For EasyDigital, security and data control were the two most important aspects in the decision to start working with MoreApp. Harold: "The added value of the application is the security and data collection. The fact that MoreApp is ISO 27001 certified makes all the difference."

In addition, the easy and intuitive use of the application has enabled EasyDigital's customers to optimise their forms. Among the many options of widgets to choose from in the Form Builder, the Radio-widget is the most useful widget for them. By adding Rules, you can select certain fields to appear in your form and more. With this feature, only the relevant fields appear on the form for each user.

"Beyond the fantastic technical aspects of the app, we really appreciate the support MoreApp offers. We always get an immediate response whenever we need help.”

Jorge Vergara

IT Consultant

Do you want to implement digital forms in your daily field service operations, like EasyDigital? Try MoreApp for free during our trial period!

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