What is a Digital Form?

A digital form is the digitised version of your paper form. Your digital form can easily be filled in on your device. This means your form is always within reach and accessible from anywhere, even when you are offline.

To make your life even easier, there is absolutely no need to either print, copy or scan your form. By submitting your digital form, you automatically send a report to all people involved. If you are wondering about which forms can be digitised, our answer would be all of them! Your digital form can always be customised to your needs.

Digital forms with MoreApp

How to Use a Digital Form?

Using a digital form is a piece of cake and will simplify your professional life. With your favourite device, whether this is a mobile device or a tablet, you can get started right away. A notification with a clear message from one of your colleagues that explains what needs to be done will get you on the right track. Start filling in the fields one by one, and thanks to the mandatory fields, it is impossible to forget anything. This allows you to move on to your next job within minutes, while your colleagues and customers are up to date in the meantime.

Different Types of Digital Forms

Digital forms come in all shapes and sizes. We are confident that you will discover a digital form with us that perfectly suits your needs. Get to work with one of our work orders, inspections, checklists, surveys, and rental agreements or create your own form. The possibilities are endless. With MoreApp you create your own digital form within minutes or you can choose one of our ready-to-use templates. These digital forms contain all essential information such as personal details, signatures, space to upload pictures and specific location details. Our digital forms are widely used in different sectors such as the construction, installation and renewable energy sectors.

Different types of digital forms

Save Time and Improve Efficiency with Digital Forms

Allow us to lay out the many benefits of digital forms for you. Digitising your processes is going to help your business to move forward. You will save time and improve the efficiency within your company. Digital forms help you to reduce errors ensuring that the information that’s provided is accurate and complete.

When a digital form is filled out, it is submitted in real-time. All parties involved are directly informed which means there is no delay in the process. This leads to a smooth sailing process with data that can be directly analysed. As a result, you will improve the collaboration within your team and make processes more efficient.

By using MoreApp, you not only simplify the lives of the form users but also those who manage the processes. Do you want to know how you can make your processes more efficient? Integrate MoreApp with your other tools and streamline your workflows.


Streamline Workflows for A Great Collaboration

Automating workflows offers plenty of benefits that enhance efficiency and productivity within the company. Streamlining repetitive tasks results in improved time management and resource allocation. Automation reduces the risk of human errors and ensures consistency.

Expand the functionality of your software by connecting various apps. MoreApp offers several integrations. You can use our API to integrate tools with MoreApp, or choose one of the automation tools such as Zapier and Make. With templates, you can get started right away. Discover over 5000+ integration possibilities.

Automation facilitates seamless collaboration. Involved parties will be informed directly and receive automated notifications. Teams can collaborate in real-time allowing them to focus on tasks that matter the most. Streamlining workflows leads to smoother communication, faster decision-making and ultimately great collaboration.


The importance of a digital form

The power of a digital form shouldn’t be underestimated. Digitising your paper forms will drastically improve efficiency, speed and accuracy. Your company and employees will both benefit from time-saving and simplified processes. The importance of digital forms directly results in reducing manual errors, streamlined data collection and an enhanced user experience. By going paperless, you not only choose a more sustainable solution, you also boost your business's productivity. Digitisation is the future.

Digital forms on all your devices with MoreApp

Digital Forms; A Sustainable Solution

Choosing a digital tool such as MoreApp helps you significantly reduce your paper usage. With us, you embrace a sustainable solution because with our digital forms, you save trees and you contribute to our reforestation projects in collaboration with Tree-Nation. It’s been our mission since 2013 to reduce the usage of paper and to optimise processes for businesses. Together we can make a positive impact, so start digitising. Sign up today!


What does a digital form include?

A digital form includes several elements, called widgets and features. Create your digital form within minutes with our Platform. By dragging and dropping Widgets in the Form Builder you can easily customise your forms. The most used widgets for forms are text fields, a great selection of options listed with the Radio-widget, and digital signatures. You can also mark fields as mandatory so nothing is forgotten.

MoreApp Platform

How can you use MoreApp for your digital forms?

MoreApp is a no-code Platform, which means there is no coding knowledge required to create digital forms with our Form Builder. Using our Widgets allows you to quickly build any form from scratch. Play around with the Widgets and easily drag, drop and move them in your form. Save even more time with our ready-to-use templates. Each template can be easily adjusted, making it recognisable by adding your company logo.

Did you know you can send push notifications to users, including a clear description of tasks that need to be completed? This way you ensure the users are well-informed and get clear instructions before filling out the digital form on-site. With this feature, you drastically improve team collaboration.

An even more significant plus is the structured collection of data. After submitting a digital form, the data appears on the MoreApp Platform. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to send PDF, Word, or Excel reports to all involved parties, including the submission data. By integrating MoreApp with your other tools, you can easily keep track of your analytics.

Your data is stored safely and securely.

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Your Data is Protected with our ISO 27001 Certificates

MoreApp is the leading field service tool that simplifies the creation and management of digital forms. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, MoreApp empowers organisations to create professional-looking forms in no time. What sets MoreApp apart is its ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certificates which guarantee the highest standard for privacy and information management.

MoreApp is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certificates

An inspiring example from Facilicom Belgium

Facilicom Belgium has transformed its prevention process with MoreApp's digital forms. Thanks to user-friendly tools, Prevention Manager An Peeters now gains better insight into possible risks, leading to a significant decrease in workplace accidents. Early signalling can address risks more efficiently, resulting in a faster and more effective risk management system. The simplicity of the system and the ability to quickly add new users save time and contribute to a safer working environment. The positive impact of digitising processes is evident in improved safety and prevention measures at Facilicom Belgium.

Want to digitise your own digital forms?

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