Digitise all your forms

Easily optimise your company’s business processes with MoreApp’s digital forms. The perfect solution to digitise all your forms. With the easy-to-use online Form Builder you create all types of forms, like work orders, checklists, surveys, and inspections, in an instant.

Save time, money and paper with

Digital Forms

Digital forms are the way to go forward. Save time, money and reduce the use of paper. Use one of our templates to save even more time. We offer checklists, work orders, surveys and many more. Start using MoreApp if you want to prioritise sustainability and automated workflows.

Choose one of our

Ready-to-use forms

We make your life even easier with our ready-to-use templates, designed especially for all sorts of industries. Discover our most popular standard templates and find the right digital form for your company. It’s always possible to customise your ready-to-use form.

Step 1

Choose a form

Use MoreApp’s intuitive Form Builder to create and personalise your own digital form. You also have the option to choose one from the list of our ready-to-use templates. Add widgets to capture photos, signatures, track locations, and more.

Step 2

Fill out forms

Forms are available immediately in the app and can be filled out on mobile devices, tablets, or desktops. The app works both online and offline, at any place and any time in the world. The app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Step 3

Manage data and integrate

Store, manage and export your data, all from one place. Work seamlessly by integrating MoreApp with your favourite software, using our integrations, the API, Webhooks, and Zapier. Receive reports automatically in PDF, Word, or Excel.

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