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MoreApp has a New EU-Based Email Service Provider: Bird

MoreApp is now working with a new email service provider: Bird, previously called SparkPost and Messagebird. Our Bird data centre is located in the European Union, meaning it falls under the protection of the GDPR. What does this mean for you as our customer? Read everything about this change in our blog.

At MoreApp we are constantly improving our security. One of the major changes we have been working on to improve our security is moving to a new email service provider: Bird. All transactional emails, including our product emails and submission emails, are now sent via Bird and no longer via Mandrill. This is an important update, especially for our enterprise customers. What are the advantages of this new email service provider for MoreApp’s customers?

The main Advantages of an EU-Based Mail Server

What are the advantages of Bird for you as a customer?

  • Bird is EU-based
  • The security of your data is even better
  • Increased deliverability of emails
  • Our new feature: Custom Email Domain

New Feature Added: Custom Email Domain

Bird opens up possibilities for great new features. One of these new features for our Branch, Tree and Forest customers is the Custom Email Domain. With the Custom email domain feature, you can send emails from your company domain. The email address will be replaced by your company name, for example, This way your emails are consistent with your company brand and recognisable by your customers. Read more about how to customise your email domain in our Help Center post.

New feature MoreApp: Custom your Email Domain

Important: As our customer, you don’t have to take any action. All our product emails have gradually been moved to Bird and are now automatically sent via the new mail server.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bird:

What does this change mean for our MoreApp customers?

From now on you will receive product emails and submission emails from MoreApp via Bird. Our new mail server Bird is EU-based, increases the deliverability of emails and unlocks new possibilities and features soon. We have taken care of the entire implementation, so no action from you is required.

What does this mean for security reasons?

Bird is an EU-based company. Mandrill, our previous provider was based in the United States. With Bird, we can ensure the security of your data even more.

Why has MoreApp moved from Mandrill to Bird?

The main reason to choose a new email service provider is the regulation being EU-based. Bird allows us to enable new email-related features. Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter for important product updates.

What action do I need to take as a MoreApp customer?

As a customer, there is no action required. All emails have been moved to the new email service provider and are automatically sent via Bird. In case you use custom mandrill API keys, this is the case for Branding and Word integration, we will inform you via email when action is needed.

Read more about how we ensure the safety of your data on our Security Page. Do you want to find out more about our new features?

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