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Sep 6
Air Corsica Saves Time with Digital Forms

Air Corsica, the Corsican airline, uses MoreApp for various digital forms and reports. They create operational and incident reports that are used during flights or on the ground. Keep reading to find our more about these reports.

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Aug 24
Single Sign-On is Coming Up

We will add Single sign-on (SSO) to the Forest plan! Get started with this new feature to simplify your user management.

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Aug 23
MoreApp's Form Builder is Improved!

MoreApp’s Form Builder works even more intuitive after our Platform improvements. Our Form Builder widgets and integrations are now available in six languages. Keep reading to find out more.

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Aug 18
Save time with Digital HR Processes

WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen uses MoreApp to digitise all their HR processes. Digital checklists are used for hospitality venues and for safety checks of all attractions. Digitising these processes has proven to be time-saving for WILDLANDS. Overall, it saves them more than a month’s work on a yearly base.

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Jul 29
Transform Excel into an Android App

Do you want to stop using Excel in order to work in an innovative way? Transform your Excel forms into a digital forms app for Android in just a few steps.

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Jul 20
Inspection App for Boilers

The Dutch boiler maintenance company Bonarius is automating its inspection processes. The company works with the inspection app to check central heating boilers, company cars, and the overall quality of work.

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19 Jul
Our New Developer Docs

We have recently released our brand new developer documentation on Here you’ll find everything you need to integrate with MoreApp, using our API or Webhooks.

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17 Jun
How to Optimise Your Form Management

Within one company, different teams need the same forms, but can't see each other's work. This can now be managed with our new user management in combination with custom templates.

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19 May
Why FlixBus focuses on Digital Forms

FlixBus is Europe's largest bus network. Since 2013, more than 100 million passengers have been carried. The company uses digital checklists to capture quality and service standards. But how does FlixBus use them?

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17 May
Better Healthcare Service using Digital Forms

Grupo Soul, dedicated to the development and innovation of healthcare technologies, has optimized the management of patients and nurses through digital forms.

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12 May
New User Management

With more and more forms and users, our customers are in need of more flexible user management. You decide what forms your colleagues can use and manage.

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4 May
Marketing Executive

We are looking for a creative Marketing Executive to help our business grow. As a Marketing Executive at MoreApp, you will be part of a fast-growing Team. Together with your colleagues, you will be working from our HQ in Rotterdam.

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16 Apr
Exporting Data To Excel

With the MoreApp Platform, you can store, manage and export the data that you’ve captured with digital forms. All from one place. We’ve been improving the part where you can export the data to Excel.

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13 Apr
Quick Maintenance Checks for Fire Safety

The Dutch fire detection company BJH installatietechniek saves a lot of time with digital maintenance checks for fire safety.

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11 Mar
Introducing a New Partner Program

We’ve introduced a new partner program. How to become a MoreApp partner? And what are the benefits?

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8 Mar
How to Benefit From SaaS Solutions?

As a SaaS company, we know the advantages of working with products that are easy to understand and integrate. What do SaaS solutions bring us?

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3 Mar
Quality Control for Sales and Aftersales

Van Mossel MB BV had made incredible progress by replacing paper forms with MoreApp. With the help of MoreApp, the quality control reports of cars arrive real-time at the sales administration department.

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25 Feb
How to Improve Efficiency in the Facility and Construction Industries

Eliminate paper-based processes and improve the workflow in the Facility and Construction industries by using MoreApp Digital Forms.

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24 Feb
Will COVID-19 Motivate You to Go Paperless?

Covid-19 has forced many companies to digitalise their work routine and replace paper forms. Find out how MoreApp can help you digitise your tasks!

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16 Feb
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