Debru Work Order App for the Construction and Transport Sector

User-friendly Work Order App for the Construction and Transport Sector

Debru has found a user-friendly solution in MoreApp for their work orders. The company works on the development of temporary construction roads. With MoreApp the registration of their executed work is structured, efficient and transparent for Debru’s customers. Discover what advantages MoreApp's digital work order app can offer you.

The Dutch company Debru Projects B.V. is located near the German border. The company primarily operates in Germany in the construction and transport sector working on high-voltage projects. For these high-voltage projects, they build temporary construction roads and bridges to make work sites accessible. Pascal Manning, Planner at Debru, shares the advantages of working with MoreApp in this case study.

Register Your Operations With MoreApp

It is important for Debru that the registration of operations is executed correctly. By limiting errors, projects run as efficiently as possible. Using digital work orders, Debru easily collects data such as the number of steel plates used per mast location. This results in fewer errors and projects that run more smoothly.

“With the work order app, we can add project information with a single click. This saves time and increases convenience. By making fields mandatory, nothing is forgotten and we reduce chances of errors.”

Pascal Manning

Work Planner Debru

Debru has been working with MoreApp since 2018. The company is very satisfied with the digital forms tool. "It is fast, user-friendly and less prone to errors," says Pascal. The users who fill in the work order are the operators of mobile cranes. Filling in these forms is done with their mobile device or tablet, even in locations without a reliable network. MoreApp works both online and offline.

The data of the completed forms are automatically imported into an Excel file with complex formulas. MoreApp’s Excel integration is a great solution for Debru as they get to send personalised Excel reports to their clients.

Save Time with Digital Work Orders

With the digitisation of Debru’s work orders, the processes are made more efficient. Pascal: "We merge and integrate the unprocessed data for the work orders. This allows us to track all completed tasks in a structured and easy way, which also makes the verification process for Debru run smoothly."

The digital work order is one of MoreApp's most popular forms. This form can be used in the field to register operations and activities in real-time. With our app, you can easily add photos, materials and the hours you have worked on a project or task.

“Every morning I check the work orders from the previous day.If everything is filled in correctly, the work order is sent as a PDF to the customer. This all happens within a day, ensuring that the customer is immediately informed of the work that is completed.”

Pascal Manning

Work Planner Debru

MoreApp offers various wonderful solutions to streamline processes. Interested in more information about our integrations? Find out here which integrations we offer.

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