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How To Make Your Business More Sustainable

Companies in the renewable energy sector often rely on paper forms for the inspection of materials and installation. This is inefficient and harmful to the environment. How can you eliminate your paper usage and optimise your processes with MoreApp for your business?

What Forms Can I Digitise with MoreApp to become more Sustainable?

Despite the many new and sustainable technological solutions, companies excessively use paper forms. It is not always easy to start digitising processes. MoreApp, the leading field service tool, offers a great solution to digitise your business. Our tool is widely used in different sectors and makes a big difference in many companies worldwide.

MoreApp's customers are diverse and active in sectors such as installation, construction, renewable energy and more. All these companies work completely paperless and digitise forms such as checklists, work orders and risk assessments. As sustainability becomes a more important pillar, MoreApp also focuses on the renewable energy sector with specialised forms.

Efficient Solar Panel Installation

Zelziuz, one of our customers in solar panels, uses MoreApp for its daily operations. They have improved the whole process from start to finish. As soon as the technician sets foot in the house, he can easily check and record the materials with the app. After the installation photos and signatures can be added too. A professional PDF report is automatically generated after filling in the form.

“MoreApp ensures that we can work efficiently. The technician has not even left the house yet and the information is already available at the office!”

Jos Oortman


Contribute to Reforestation as a MoreApp Customer

Deforestation has multiple consequences, such as restricting CO2 capture and disrupting the ecosystem. We care about our planet, people and customers. As our customer, you contribute to the reforestation of our MoreApp forest. We plant trees together with Tree-Nation for every customer.

The Advantages of Digital Forms

Digitising paper forms is the easiest and most sustainable solution to eliminate paper forms and extensive administration tasks.

MoreApp brings your business other benefits too:

  • Streamline data collection
  • Real-time access to information
  • Error reduction & saving time
  • Customised forms & professional report

Are you looking for a solution to digitise your forms for inspections in the renewable energy sector? Try out MoreApp for free with our trial.

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