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Mens-Zeist is an SCC-certified property maintenance company. SCC stands for Safety Checklist for Contractors. In order to meet all SCC requirements, they use MoreApp’s digital SCC checklist. With this checklist, they go over all the inspection points to comply with the safety, healthy and environmental standards. You can read here how Mens-Zeist uses this SCC checklist in practice.

Mens-Zeist Vastgoedonderhoud B.V is one of the largest property maintenance companies in the Netherlands. Every day the company works on maintaining, preserving and improving property for a wide range of clients. With hundreds of employees working in the field, it is crucial to keep the administration department running smoothly.

Two years ago, Mens-Zeist followed a bootcamp provided by MoreApp to learn all about managing and creating forms. They applied their knowledge by digitising various processes for both the internal and external services they offer. Marjan Kuijt, Office Manager at Mens-Zeist, explains more about how these processes work and the important role MoreApp plays in them.

SCC Workplace Inspections

Previously, Mens-Zeist's field staff used many different paper forms for workplace inspections. Because of this, it took a long time to structure all the collected data. Since they have been using MoreApp, the entire inspection process runs quickly and smoothly. Each team is only given access to the forms intended for them to carry out their tasks. They can easily fill in the workplace inspection forms through the app. After every submission, each designated department immediately receives all the collected data by email.

"The respective departments immediately receive all required data by email. It saves so much time. Amazing!"

Marjan Kuijt


Complying With SCC Requirements

The health and safety of everyone involved are high on Mens-Zeist's agenda. This is also important to many of their clients. They regularly ask about Mens-Zeist’s SCC certificate. Mens-Zeist meets the requirements for the SCC certification with monthly HSE inspections. HSE stands for health, safety and environment. They inspect whether the workload has been increased and if all employees are wearing the correct protective equipment. The environment is also taken into account by inspecting and preventing unnecessary waste.

Mens-Zeist is increasingly using MoreApp. To meet their new requirements, they have switched to the Branch subscription. Among other things, they use integrations and the feature to personalise their PDF files.

“Since we are using the Branch subscription, a new world has opened up for us. We are very excited about the features of this subscription.”

Marjan Kuijt


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