Solar Panel Inspection App

Use MoreApp’s Solar App to accurately inspect the installation of solar panels. With MoreApp’s widgets, you easily create your own Solar Panel form. Download our ready-to-use templates to help your mechanics quickly complete an inspection. After completing the digital form you automatically receive a professional and customised report.




What is a Solar Panel Inspection App?

A solar app helps you to easily collect structured data. This is especially helpful during the installation or inspection of solar panels. MoreApp helps you to get started right away. In our solar app, you can easily tick off tasks and register relevant information like the condition of the roof including photos, location and signatures.

Solar Panel Inspection


Professional reports

Available online and offline

Accurate and efficient inspections

Advantages of a Solar Panel Inspection App

Your solar app can be personalised to your company’s needs. Collect all the required information by adding mandatory fields to your form. Use MoreApp’s ready-to-use template for solar panels or create your own solar app with our intuitive online Form Builder. After completing the form, the final report is automatically sent to all involved parties. Use the Word or Excel integration to customise your reports. This way, your colleagues and customers, are always up to date about the status of the inspection.

MoreApp Platform

“MoreApp helps us with an efficient and uniform way of inspecting. The inspection reports serve as evidence of the work we execute.”


“MoreApp allows us to move forward quickly. The mechanic hasn’t even left the building and the information is already available at the office.”


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