How to: Get the most out of your MoreApp account

Attention administrators, are you tired of unorganised work processes? We are here to help you get the most out of your MoreApp account. In this blog post, we share our best tips and tricks to boost your performance and structure your account more efficiently.

Tip 1: Take advantage of our User Management Tool

Our user management tool is your best ally when it comes to structuring your user's tab. Each of your users will be added to your MoreApp account. You will manage their permissions by granting them access to their designated MoreApp tools. Our Platform is available for administrators who are in charge of the entire account, forms and folders. The app and Web App are meant for all users to fill out forms.

How to get started with our User Management Tool:

1. Step 1: Invite Users

Send an invitation to your users by adding them to your account. You can do it individually or use an Excel file to invite all your users at once. Are you working at an enterprise with an Active Directory? We have great news for you. MoreApp offers an awesome feature to configure single sign-on.

2. Step 2: Create groups

Organise your users by creating different groups. Each group can have different roles and permissions.

3. Step 3: Advanced User Management

Create custom roles to grant users specific permissions on a folder-, form-, instruction- and administrative level. For example, you can create a specific role for the Finance Team to access the Billing tab. Do you want to learn more about advanced user management? Check it out!

Tip 2: Set Up your Folder Management

Being organised is key. That is why we recommend you structure your account with our folder management. Use it to:

1 - Organise folders and forms. Personalise each form with its own icon and description.

💡 Tip from Gerard: “Organise them by department, project, or task for easy access.”

2 - Assign roles and permissions. Assign roles to your folders with our user management tool.

💡 Tip from Clara: “Use it to grant access to folders and forms to clarify users’ tasks.”

3 - Keep your folders up to date. Archive or delete folders when you are no longer using them.

💡 Tip from Tara: “Hide folders in the app when working on a new project.”

Tip 3: Manage your Instructions

Enhance communication with your field workers by sending them tasks. Each user will receive a notification on their tablet or phone with an instruction on how to execute the task. This can even be automated with our Instruction-integration.

When to use instructions?

When working on a project, instructions are ideal. By sending instructions to your field workers, you can easily keep track of all completed and pending tasks. Another good reason to use instructions is to make the lives of your field workers easier. Along with the instruction itself, you can pre-fill in the form and add a deadline.

When to use the Instruction-integration?

With the Instruction-integration you can automate workflows. This integration is a way to allow multiple users to work on one form. The form will go through different stages in your process, connecting different departments. Apply it to add a sub-task or an extra control step.

Tip 4: Connect your Data Sources

Easily import all your data to your MoreApp account with data sources. By importing data sources, the data will automatically appear in your form. This time-saving functionality helps to increase the usability of the form, saving the field worker a lot of time. Another great advantage is that it is less error-prone as users do not have to manually fill in data.

Tip 5: Automate Workflows with Integrations

Connect MoreApp to your software and automate your processes. You can integrate your system with our API, Webhooks and Zapier. Don’t miss the chance on creating workflows and boosting your efficiency.

Integrations offer many great advantages such as importing and exporting data automatically, personalising reports and automating instructions.

Are you ready to increase the efficiency of your work processes? Getting the most out of your MoreApp account saves your company time, money and paper. This leads to better results, improved efficiency and employee collaboration.

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