Microsoft Power Automate Integration

Seamlessly connect MoreApp with your Microsoft software with our Power Automate Integration

Exciting news about integrations! Are you using Microsoft across the entire company? Empower your business with our new Power Automate integration. This integration allows you to seamlessly connect MoreApp with all other apps supported by Power Automate. In this blog, we will showcase how this benefits your company.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that allows your organisation to automate processes and tasks. This tool from Microsoft lets you connect MoreApp with other apps that Power Automate supports.

Integrating MoreApp with Power Automate can offer numerous benefits to businesses and is especially recommended for enterprises, universities and businesses that extensively use Microsoft within their company.

Microsoft Automate Integration Possibilities

No More Repetitive Tasks; Streamline Your Processes

Build powerful workflows and improve efficiency within your company with this integration. Time-consuming and repetitive tasks are history with automated processes.

Choose from a wide range of tools in the Power Automate library to connect with:

  • OneDrive
  • MySQL
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365
  • Excel Online
  • SQL Server
  • Power BI

If you want to connect all these tools quickly, this integration is the solution you’ve been longing for.

Why You Want to Integrate MoreApp with Power Automate

Save time and boost productivity. Integrations are the leading way to automate your workflows. Here are several reasons to integrate MoreApp with Power Automate:

1. Data Integration: Automate data synchronisation between databases, CRMs, and other systems.

  • Example: Automatically transfer data from your MoreApp form to Excel worksheets.

2. Notification and Alerts: Send notifications or alerts based on specific events or triggers in your software.

  • Example: Receive a new submission and automatically send a notification in Microsoft Teams.

3. Workflow Orchestration: Orchestrate workflows across multiple applications and services.

  • Example: Connect with Power BI to visualise your MoreApp data on the dashboard.

4. Cross-Application Automation: Ensure smooth communication between your software and other tools.

  • Example: Connect new submissions to Microsoft Sharepoint by downloading and uploading the file automatically.

Power Automate templates are pre-built workflows designed to address common business scenarios. These templates serve as a starting point, allowing users to quickly create and customise automated workflows.

Is Power Automate the Right Solution for Me?

Power Automate is an automation tool similar to Zapier and Make. Connecting your tools with Power Automate is highly recommended if your organisation uses Microsoft 365 applications (such as SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams). Power Automate can be an excellent choice for integrating and automating processes within these applications.

Combine forces and streamline your processes with Power Automate!

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