How to Create an Inspection Form.

How to Create an Inspection Form

Performing an inspection can be a long and complicated task. Simplify the process for your inspectors by transforming paper forms into digital forms using MoreApp. Once the inspection is completed, you will immediately receive a detailed report. Read more about how to create your digital inspection forms in this blog.

What is an Inspection Form?

An inspection form is a checklist designed to review and evaluate the workspace. An inspection identifies potential hazards, evaluates facilities and equipment, and assesses workplace risks. Inspection forms are mainly used in construction and engineering, energy and utilities, manufacturing, real estate, agriculture and food and hospitality sectors. Within these industries, these forms are crucial in enhancing efficiency, ensuring compliance, promoting safety, and maintaining high-quality standards. Adopting a systematic and structured approach to monitoring, evaluating, and improving various aspects of operations is essential.

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When conducting the inspection, the inspector checks whether the product meets specific requirements relevant to the sector. With the inspection form, they collect all the information in a structured and efficient way. Are you wondering how your inspection forms can be a game-changer? We share some tips to get started.

How to create an Inspection Form?

You are convinced about transforming your paper inspection form into a digital one. Great! Now, let’s help you to get started. You can use one of our inspection templates, or create your inspection form from scratch. Follow some of these tips below for the perfect inspection form suitable for your company:

Tip 1: Personalise your inspection form with our Widgets

To elevate your inspection process, we recommend using these widgets for Inspection forms:

  • Date Time-widget: Let inspectors select both the date and time to enhance precision.
  • Text-widget: Important details and remarks can be added separately as comments and notes so nothing is missed.
  • Radio-widget: To perform the inspection in checklist format, we recommend using the Radio Widget. By filling in the form you will be able to tick off the tasks that have been completed.
  • Signature-widget: Ensure a secure and authorised confirmation of the executed inspection with a digital signature.
MoreApp Inspection Form.

Tip 2: Allow inspectors to attach multiple photos

With the Subform-widget users can submit multiple entries of the inspection in your form. By adding the Photo-widget to the subform, inspectors can attach multiple photos. This way inspectors can add photos to provide more evidence of the inspections. These photos will be shown in the report.

Tip 3: Inform all the recipients in real time after the inspection

You can directly inform all involved parties about the inspection report. Do this by simply adding an Email-widget to your inspection form. This contributes to improved communication.

Want to learn more about how to create the perfect inspection form? Visit our Help Center.

The Benefits of Digital Inspections Forms over Paper Forms

The main benefit of digital inspection forms is a streamlined inspection process. Let’s explore the other benefits of digital inspection forms with MoreApp compared to paper inspection forms:

MoreApp: differences between Digital Inspection Forms and Paper Inspection Forms.

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