MoreApp's Work Order App solution for your company

The Work Order App Solution for Your Company

Instead of using time-consuming paper forms, a work order app gives you easy access on-site to customer details, materials, and work hours on your smartphone or tablet. MoreApp is the digital work order solution that your company is looking for. Work orders are mainly used by field workers in the construction and installation sectors.

What is a Work Order?

A work order is a form used for work that needs to be executed in maintenance, repair and field service operations. It contains all the details to complete a maintenance task. A work order app is designed to streamline and automate work processes within an organisation. Field workers often use digital work orders to capture information on-site. With MoreApp, you can send push notifications, called Tasks, to assign a work order and give clear and personal instructions. Time and efficiency are crucial in this process, and with a digital work order, you can inform all involved parties in real-time.

Can I get a Professional Report of my Work Order?

Certainly! With MoreApp, you have complete control over customising your work order in alignment with your preferences. Our user-friendly interface allows you to adjust every aspect of the work order. And that's not all – our powerful tool empowers you to design your own professional reports that reflect your company's identity. You can effortlessly incorporate your logo, choose matching company colours, and fine-tune the layout to create a visually stunning and cohesive report. With this automatically generated professional report, your customers, partners, employees and other parties are directly informed. This saves you time and effort in communication.

What are the Advantages of a Work Order App?

MoreApp's work order app helps you and your employees to maximise your working day. A work order app offers many advantages for your company and can be created within minutes. Our Widgets allow you to quickly and effortlessly build your work order, making it super easy for your users to fill in information such as working hours, activities and materials. Other important data of customers and materials can be automatically imported. Besides this, you are also able to scan barcodes, add photos and sign your form with a digital signature. To specify positions on a map or floor plan you can use the Pin-widget. Our App works both online and offline, which means even without a connection your work will be saved.

Totally convinced about our work order app? Good, because there is even more that MoreApp can offer:

  • MoreApp is ISO 27001 certified, this means your data is safely stored
  • Your data is synced with all your devices
  • The most user-friendly app to work with
  • Over 5000+ integrations possible

To optimise your processes even further you can integrate MoreApp via other automation tools like Zapier and Make or use Webhooks and our API directly. Our API documentation is public, you can find everything you need to know about integrating with MoreApp in our Developer Docs.

Want to create your own work order app? Get started with MoreApp and try our tool for free during the trial period.

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