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10 Reasons Why to Download MoreApp

MoreApp offers a user-friendly App for employees involved in field service operations. With MoreApp filling in forms has never been easier. Save time on long and exhausting administrative tasks. Not convinced yet? Read 10 reasons why you want to download MoreApp from the App Store or Google Play Store and get started.

1. The best field service solution tool

MoreApp is the leading field service tool with the safest and most user-friendly app to streamline workflows and improve collaboration within your team.

2. Synchronised devices

With our App, all your devices are synchronised. This allows you to start your work on one device and finish it on another. You will never lose any of your work again.

3. Always access your digital forms

Access your digital forms from anywhere at any time. With the App, you always have your forms within reach. Even when offline, you can complete your work.

4. Real-time reporting

After filling in your digital forms, all involved parties receive an automatically generated PDF report. Show proof of the executed work and improve the collaboration within your Team.

5. Add pictures, signatures, location details and more

It has never been easier to upload or take photos on-site, sign your form or add specific details about a location. No matter if you work in construction, installation, real estate or in a different sector, with MoreApp your work will always be safely documented.

6. Save time on administrative tasks

No more manual or double-data entry. You reduce the risk of errors with MoreApp. It is no longer necessary to carry around staples of paper forms. All your work is submitted digitally and you can move on to the next job quickly.

7. It’s impossible to forget anything

Adding mandatory fields to your form makes it impossible to forget any important steps. This way you make sure all the information is collected and checked before your form is sent.

8. Switch to another Workspace

Workspaces allow you to switch between different companies within the app easily. Quick and efficient.

9. Be your own Designer

You can download one of our templates or create your own forms from scratch with our intuitive Form Builder. Add Widgets to your form and even your company logo. Want to have your own App? Our Branding Module is the best option for you.

10. Best value for money

MoreApp offers a plan for every type of business, no matter if you just started as a small business or you are a big enterprise. Our consultants happily advise you about which plan suits your needs best.

How Can MoreApp Help Your Company?

MoreApp allows you to do what you are good at. We are here to make your professional life more manageable. Do you need extra assistance? Contact our Help Center directly in the new app or message us via chat or email at

With MoreApp you:

  • Can add an unlimited amount of users
  • Get access to over 5000+ integrations
  • Create professional reports
  • Choose an innovative, time-saving and sustainable solution

Want to try out MoreApp and discover all the benefits? Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and get started for free with our trial period. Sign up now!

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