Digitise your checklist

Tick off checkboxes with the easy-to-use checklists from MoreApp, the solution to digitise your forms. Whether you are searching for a Safety, Health, or any other checklist, we offer a broad range of digital forms. Create a personalised checklist that meets all your company’s requirements.

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Create your own

Digital checklist

With MoreApp’s intuitive Form Builder, it’s easy to build a digital form from scratch. Use our Signature-widget, Checkbox-widget or limit options with our Radio-widget. By adding or removing widgets, you define yourself what's most important for your checklist.

Save time

With ready-to-use forms

Our ready-to-use templates will save you even more time. We have created different checklists that can be used for all sorts of industries. Choose one of our most popular checklist templates: Fire inspection, Cleaning checklist, Health checklist or create your own checklist.

Step 1

Sign up

Easily sign up via our app or website. While signing up you can already select your preferred template. No need to wait, your template can be used immediately! Download MoreApp for free in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Create a form

Choose one of our templates or create your own checklist with our Form Builder. The possibilities are endless. You can customise with a number of widgets to display photos, add signatures, and many more features. Your checklist can be filled out immediately, both online and offline.

Step 3

Stay up to date with your reports

Always receive the latest reports automatically in PDF, Word or Excel format. All your data will be stored and managed in one place. It’s possible to integrate MoreApp with your systems by using the API, Webhooks, and Zapier.

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