ISO 27001: 2022 and ISO 27701 : 2019 Certificate

MoreApp is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 Certified

We are proud to announce that MoreApp’s ISO 27001 certificate has been renewed. This certificate indicates that MoreApp complies with international standards in information security. That's not all, because our ISO 27001 certification now also covers the GDPR module ISO 27701, demonstrating the proper management of privacy information.

Every year a surveillance audit takes place for the ISO certificate and every three years an audit for the recertification, both executed by an external party. During the audit, the ISMS (Information Security Management System) documentation and reliability of the ISMS system are examined. Once approved, the recertification takes place and the certificate is awarded. MoreApp has recently received the recertification for ISO 27001: 2022 and ISO 27701: 2019.

With the ISO 27001 certificate, we are taking care of the following:

  • Secure data information in all forms
  • Preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information
  • Mitigate and manage (cyber) risks adequately
  • Reduce vulnerabilities

Why is our ISO 27001 Certificate important for you as a MoreApp customer?

At MoreApp, the security of your sensitive data is our highest priority. With our renewed ISO certification, we can assure you that your data is well-protected. We are proud to say that MoreApp is one of the few digital form tools that is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified. What are the additional benefits for you as our customer?

  • Enhanced information security; We have implemented strict security controls
  • Reduced downtime; We are ensuring a continued service availability
  • Transparency; We foster trust and are transparent about the protection of your data

“We’re proud to be one of the first companies in the Netherlands to be ISO 27701 certified, next to renewing our ISO 27001 certificate. These ISO norms really help us structure our security and privacy policies, and ensure that all the important topics are covered.”


Chief Technology Officer MoreApp

MoreApp Security

With MoreApp, your data's safety is not just a promise, but a certified reality. We are helping you to collect data in a way that’s secure, easy and effective. That’s our core business. Read more about our security and view our certificate on our security page.

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