Planting trees for every customer

Our Mission with Tree-Nation

We believe that together, we can make a positive impact on the world. That’s why we plant trees for every customer with Tree-Nation. Our MoreApp forest is primarily located in Madagascar and is supported by the Eden Reforestation Project. Additionally, we're also contributing to the Eden Reforestation Project in Nepal. In Tanzania, we’ve partnered with Plant to Stop Poverty, Replanting the burnt Mkussu Forest, and Usambara Biodiversity Conservation. Are you ready to make an impact?

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We care about people and the planet

Why do we plant trees?

At MoreApp we care about our people, customers and the planet. With our tool, you eliminate the usage of paper. Thanks to our collaboration with Tree-Nation, we are giving back to our planet. Together, we are contributing to restoring forests and combating climate change.

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Our Tree-Nation Project

How we plant trees

Each month MoreApp plants trees in our MoreApp forest. Tree-Nation helps us to actually plant these little heroes. We're thrilled to have planted over 500,000 trees already, and we keep counting. The environmental impact is significant. Did you know that the CO2 emissions captured by our trees are equivalent to offsetting the emissions from almost 20,000 trips around the world by electric bike? It is Tree-Nation’s mission to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050. Let’s keep planting!

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Get your Certificate

Making a lasting impact

Our tree planting initiative supports the United Nation’s goal 15: Life on Land. Even better, it also fills our customers with pride. As our customer, you will get a certificate with facts about your contribution. In addition to planting trees, we actively reduce our ecological footprint with initiatives like Green Friday and more.

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For a sustainable future

Why Eden Reforestation Project

Eden Reforestation Project plants trees in areas that can help protect against coastal erosion and provide a habitat for a variety of wildlife. Our most planted tree is Rhizophora Mucronata, a mangrove tree which has unique superpowers. With this project, we provide fair employment for local communities, ensuring long-term care for our forest.

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Taking action

Building a better future together

Taking action. We are committed to a sustainable way of working. By joining us, you can not only streamline your work processes and save paper you will also play a vital role in creating a better future for our planet. Make a lasting impact with MoreApp!

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