The First Week at MoreApp

Three new marketing executives joined the MoreApp team last week! Let's find out about their first week working at the digital forms company.

Three New Members in the Team

Last week Sophie, Blanca and Elisa began their internships at MoreApp. Each of them joined a different office. In this blog they will share with you the experiences of their first week on the job. Let's meet the new members of the team!

Blanca joined the office in Berlin as a Marketing and Sales Executive Intern. Blanca grew up in Sardinia, Italy; her mum is German and her dad Italian. After high school she moved to the Netherlands where she started her bachelor in International Tourism Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Now she is 22 years old, in her third year of studies.


Sophie has joined the MoreApp office in Rotterdam. She is 20 years old and is currently in the second year of her Bachelors Degree in Marketing Management that she is studying in Groningen, Netherlands. Sophie is British, however she grew up in Le Marche, Italy between the ages of 11 and 18. She will be an intern for the marketing department in Rotterdam.


Elisa has joined MoreApp’s office in Barcelona. She is a 23-Year-Old student in a Master’s degree of International Trade from France. Four years ago, she had the opportunity to live in Barcelona for 2 months, so it is a pleasure for her to work again in this beautiful city! She will be in charge of the Marketing for the French region by working with Adele, the current Marketing and Sales Executive for this region.


MoreApp has three offices based in Rotterdam, Barcelona and Berlin. The company is organised in a horizontal way, as everyone’s opinion is taken into consideration and employees' well-being is very important.

Blanca, Sophie and Elisa each wrote about their first week at MoreApp, full of training. Click to read more about the first week in Berlin, Barcelona and Rotterdam!

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