Feelings & Impressions: My First Week at MoreApp Berlin

MoreApp welcomed three new interns over the past week at the offices in Berlin, Rotterdam and Barcelona. Discover how fun it is to be an intern in the MoreApp office in Berlin!

The Office in Berlin

The MoreApp office in Berlin is located in Betahaus a co-working space and community of more than one thousand entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers. Betahaus has large rooms where you can sit and work on your own, shared areas and collaborative spaces in which you can work together with others, and a nice café on the bottom floor of the building. On each floor of the building there are small stations where you can get tea and coffee, whenever you want. There is a nice working environment and a lot of young people who are ready to share their ideas and exchange their knowledge with others.
Betahaus organises workshops and breakfasts every Thursday and a vast number of events and activities where you can get to know people from all over the world and from all different kinds of businesses.


The MoreApp office in Berlin


Betahaus Cafe & Restaurant – Betahaus coworking spaces

Let’s get to work!

Denise (Product Owner at the MoreApp office in Rotterdam) and Julian (Product Genius and Regional Manager at the office in Berlin) gave me a warm welcome on Monday when I arrived at the office. Denise came especially from Rotterdam to introduce me to MoreApp and demonstrate to me what the company is about. Their kindness made me feel immediately part of the team. Julian was our “tour guide” and showed us around in the Betahaus building, which was an entirely new concept for me; then it was time to start working!

From Monday until Thursday, Denise explained everything I need to know about MoreApp. She went into detail about the company’s vision, their mission and their goals. She trained me on the various platforms, how the app works, the kind of systems the company uses and how/where they storage their data.

Since I am an intern responsible for the Marketing activities of the company, she focused also on how MoreApp addresses its customers on social media and online channels in general.

It was a lot of information, but Denise was incredibly thorough and patient at explaining everything. I admit, initially, there were moments in which I was a bit confused, but, day by day, I became more confident with the systems and I know that I learned a lot during this introductory week. Now I can’t wait to put it all in practice and contribute effectively to MoreApp!   


The first pictures together! Blanca & Denise - Blanca Denise & Julian

Around Berlin – Lunch & Dinner with the team!

The area around the office in Berlin is full of bars, cafes and restaurants where you can grab something to eat at any time of the day. Berlin is, at this moment, a culturally vibrant city, full of art, exhibitions and events. I considered it the best place to be to conciliate work and leisure time.  

In my first week, Julian had a different option every day of where to enjoy our lunch. We went for vegetarian salads, burritos, soups and Asian food. On Thursday we had a MoreApp dinner at a Japanese fusion restaurant not far from the office. The food was extraordinarily delicious, and the atmosphere of the restaurant was cozy and familiar. We had a great time!


Lunch at Asian restaurant the first week


Team dinner on Thursday evening

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