How to Improve Efficiency in the Facility and Construction Industries

Eliminate paper-based processes and improve the workflow in the Facility and Construction industries by using MoreApp Digital Forms.

Many facility and construction companies are leading in adopting new and innovative technologies. However, the majority of them still use paper forms. This leads in many cases to human errors when recording data and failure in communicating information on time.

Digital forms improve productivity, efficiency, eliminate errors and reduce financial losses. Do you work in the Facility or Construction industry? Discover the many benefits that MoreApp can bring your company!

What Does It Mean to Digitise Your Business?

MoreApp’s software will help you to:

How to apply digital solutions to the Facility and Construction Industry?

Digital forms allow you to easily track all the completed tasks, check inventory in real-time, perform on-site inspections and communicate data to the head office.

Digital forms can be filled in via the app, available for iOS and Android, or desktop. With these forms, you get to send information in real-time. Digital forms are beneficial for both the technicians that work on the field and the office staff that needs to be updated regularly about the on-going operations.

What Forms Can You Create With Moreapp?

At MoreApp, we offer a wide range of digital forms, such as:

You can also create your own personalised forms with the MoreApp Form Builder!

Optimise your data collection processes by using MoreApp. With the app, you get to collect all sort of data, including photos, signatures, barcodes and GPS-locations. MoreApp works both on- and offline which means that you can safely store your data wherever you are. Does this seem like something your company could use? Check out the other features that are also available on the Platform!

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