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With the MoreApp order app, you can easily and quickly issue an order. Customers and employees can order products using their smartphone or tablet. Show your products and the latest offers in the order app that you've created yourself! Import product information in your order app and integrate with your CRM or ERP system. It's also possible to add your own catalogue. Start digitising your order forms today and take advantage of our free trial.




What is an order app?

An order app is an app that can be used by your customer and employees to place orders in a digital and easy way. The app offers also a wonderful solution during the current pandemic as many customers can not physically visit your store. It's a great way to digitally display your goods and services. Customers or employees select the products or services they need and the app automatically calculates the total price, including VAT. The order can be signed digitally and the confirmation is automatically sent via email.

MoreApp order app

Import customer data

Display your product catalogue

Let the customer sign

Generate an order confirmation

What are the benefits of an order app? 

An order app is an ideal way to always have the actual product information at hand for your customers. With the MoreApp Form Builder, you can easily add products or price changes in the order app. Another advantage of building your own order app is that you can add your logo to the form! That way, your customers recognise the branding style of your company. The order app helps you save time as all orders can be placed through the app. All confirmations are automatically sent without the hassle of manual paperwork! MoreApp handles that for you, so you have more time to focus on growing your business. 

MoreApp order app form

Boost your sales

Avoid miscalculations

Stay in digital contact

Show the latest product information

"During these hard Covid months, the digital order form allows me to continuously stay in contact with my clients." 

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