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Fill in your work orders anywhere with the app for Android, iOS and Web. Digital work orders help you track your operations real-time. Receiving instant notifications if your team completed tasks, helps to manage the business processes better. Next to that, saving time on administrative tasks makes work more fun! Completing a work order is easy and efficient with the MoreApp work order app.

Add photos, signatures and automatically save the GPS location. Also, transportation and storage costs are eliminated by not having to work with work orders on paper. Start digitising your work orders and try MoreApp for free! 




What is a Work order app?

A work order app is a way to efficiently capture data and streamline your work processes. Add the time, the used materials and an explanation of the carried out work. With the option to add photos you will show proof of the work you have done! The customer signs the form and both you and the customer receive a report via email. The app replaces the work orders that you used to fill in on paper. With MoreApp, you have the possibility of working both online and offline since the app allows you to enter data in the forms without an internet connection. At MoreApp we understand that every business is different and every work process is unique. The online Form Builder allows you full control to create a work order app exactly to your liking. Import databases with customer and product information in order to finalise the work order as quickly as possible. 

MoreApp Platform Work order app

The app works on- and offline

Import customer and material data

Scan barcodes

Add photos

What are the advantages of a work order app? 

Replacing your paper forms for a digital work order app contributes to an increased level of customer satisfaction! Your customers receive the real-time report of the job that is done. The report includes your logo, the description of the job, photos and signatures, which looks professional. Also, working with a work order app makes sure there is no grey area. The photos, date and time stamp and GPS location serve as evidence for the involved parties. Another great benefit is that you need less time for administrative work. MoreApp does the job for you! This helps youin increasing employee satisfaction since your workforce can completely focus on their expertise. MoreApp brings you more time-saving features, like pre-fillingworkorders at the office to send an instruction to colleagues onsite. You are also saving trees with a digital forms app, by not wasting so much paper!

MoreApp work order form

Let the customer sign

Capture the hours and activities

Email the Work Order

Integrate with any IT system

"The PDF report is automatically generated and send via email. So, now we have saved 4 days of work by replacing paper for the work order app."


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