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MoreApp is helping the world by providing a tool to transform paper processes into digital processes. This way, companies have an easier and faster way to digitalize their processes. Do you want to know all the advantages of using MoreApp? Keep reading!

Companies create Digital Forms using the More App Form Builder. With the app, data can be collected everywhere! You can use work ordersinspection formssurveyschecklists and many more!

Why using MoreApp?

With MoreApp you can digitalize all your forms and consequently save time, money and trees. You can create your own digital forms, fill them with the app and manage your database by exporting data to excel. There is also the possibility to integrate your systems by using our Hooks or API and the opportunity to personalize your app by using your own logo and the colors that fit your company. MoreApp will help your company to enter the digital world and work more efficient!

What are the Advantages of Using MoreApp?

MoreApp provides its users the best service and is always working hard for happy clients. Here are some advantages of using MoreApp to digitalize your company:

As you can see there are a lot of advantages of using MoreApp at your company. It will facilitate the work productivity and the work environment in a very simple and faster way. Go Digital and apply MoreApp at your company!

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