Our New Developer Docs

We have recently released our brand new developer documentation on docs.moreapp.com. Here you’ll find everything you need to integrate with MoreApp, using our API or Webhooks.

Until recently, we were hosting our own custom-built developer docs, which did not deliver the best experience for both our customers and ourselves. Our new docs however are built using Stoplight, which is specialized in delivering a great developer experience. This helps us save time managing our docs, but more importantly, this brings you a bunch of great features!

Code Samples

Our new docs bring a more intuitive interface, with improved navigation and code samples. For each API, you’ll find examples in your programming language or framework of choice. And to increase your productivity even further, you can now try the API from within the documentation. Just fill in your API key and go!

Automatic Generation

The documentation is automatically generated from our codebase. Not only does this save us time managing it, but it also ensures the docs are always up-to-date.

New Endpoints

Together with the new user management, we released new API endpoints related to users and groups, like managing grants and roles. This gives you more flexibility in managing your users from other systems.

What’s Next

Please have a look at our developer documentation. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! With your help, we’ll continue to improve the docs with more detailed descriptions and examples.


FUN FACT: Did you know Stoplight is also planting trees for all their subscribers, just like us?



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