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The Ecuadorian company Pan en Casa has managed to optimise its orders thanks to the use of MoreApp’s digital forms. Read how they use a digital product catalogue!

Pan en Casa is a company located in Quito, Ecuador, whose main activity is the daily delivery of fresh bread at home. Nowadays, the manager of Pan en Casa is an expert in using the MoreApp Form Builder.

Digitise your Processes

Using an Order App has simplified the processes of Pan en Casa. The company has been a MoreApp user since the beginning of 2020 and they have already noticed the difference in working with Digital Forms.

With MoreApp, they receive the orders instantly via email and they can prepare them on time to ensure that their delivery policies are met.

Carlos Bravo, the Form Builder that we interviewed, is responsible for the administration of Pan en Casa and, in addition, leads the marketing aspects of the company. He is always trying to find new alternatives to implement and improve the performance of the company to achieve an excellent relationship with the customers.

In the beginning, the activity of the company was to deliver the bread to the door of its clients' homes. Later, they expanded their services and included the option of delivering a full breakfast.

Thanks to this change, they became a Nestlé partner and they are currently offering promotions and new Nestlé products with their digital product catalogue. When there is a promotion campaign, the details are imported into the MoreApp Platform and are automatically linked to the right form.


Boost your Business

Pan en Casa is using MoreApp to digitise the product catalogue, included in the order form, and also to create a subscription form for the customers.

Carlos decided to start using the software because a friend recommended it to him. After several months of using the order app, he has noticed the positive impact that this new technology has on his business.

With MoreApp, they save a lot of time in their daily administrative tasks, being able to focus on other important aspects of the work. Consequently, they have increased efficiency and have managed to save money to expand the business.

We are happy to hear that MoreApp users are expanding their horizons! Pan en Casa is growing and now it begins to operate in Barranquilla (Colombia). Carlos told us that he will be delivering in Bogotá very soon.


Improve your Relationship with the Clients

What the company values the most is that the software is very dynamic and easy-to-use. In addition, it is very important for them that customers have the most recent product data on their devices. Any changes made to the catalogue, will be automatically updated in the app.

MoreApp has helped a lot with the timing, speeding up the process of receiving the order’s data. When an order is submited, the information is sent to the company in a matter of minutes. The customer always receives an email with the details of the order and a PDF with Pan en Casa’s logo.

‘During these hard Covid months, MoreApp has allowed me to continuously stay in contact with all my clients’ - Carlos Bravo

Carlos is delighted with the app and he is planning to use MoreApp in other projects in the near future. It is a pleasure to be part of the growth of Pan en Casa!

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