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Start using MoreApp’s Online Form Builder to save time by optimising your processes. Create professional forms in an easy and modern way. Choose from a wide variety of widgets and design your form according to your wishes. Drag en drop widgets and your form will be ready in no time. Creating forms has never been easier! All forms can be filled in on the Web App or in the app. Our app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Start digitising your forms and try MoreApp with our free trial period.




How to use the Form Builder?

The Form Builder is the way to go to create digital forms for your company. Design your forms by adding widgets. You can add photos, electronic signatures, checkboxes, barcodes and many more with our widgets. Use rules to show or hide certain fields depending on the information you enter. With this feature, your form users will only see the relevant fields. When your form is finished, you can configure the email. A PDF file will be generated automatically and will be sent as an attachment to your email. Easily adjust your forms and emails whenever you want.

How to use the MoreApp Form Builder

Update your forms easily

Personalise your forms

Many different widgets

Manage your users

What are the benefits of our Form Builder?

MoreApp’s Form Builder has many advantages. We offer an intuitive Form Builder where you can drag en drop widgets to your form. Your form can be ready within only a few minutes. Start from scratch or use one of our ready-to-use templates. With our Form Builder, you can customise your forms and reports. By adding your logo and colours you can give the forms and reports your company’s look and feel. Branding is included in our Forest plan. Another big advantage is the ease of adjusting the forms. You can adjust your forms whenever you want. After your adjustments, your users can immediately start using your modified form. Managing forms has never been that easy!

How to use the MoreApp Form Builder

Professional layout

Add a digital signature

Export data to Excel or Google Sheets

Automatically send the reports

“With this Platform, you can build exactly what you need. There are many possibilities and you keep discovering new ones. If you have any questions, their support team is very quick and friendly.”


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