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A storecheck is used by companies to control the quality of their products. With the mobile storecheck app of MoreApp, companies can increase the efficiency of these checks, which saves time and costs for the company.

By the use of the digital Storecheck App of MoreApp, companies can easily scan barcodes, fill in checklists, make photos of the shelves and much more! By the use of the Form Builder, you can build your own forms and organise it to your needs. Besides the option to build your own forms, you can also download existing forms from our Marketplace, developed by MoreApp or its users!


Kiwoko, a Spanish retailer of animal products, uses MoreApp to control the processes and the quality that is offered in each shop. With this digital storecheck, the company gets a more centralised and dynamic control of its information. With their mobile devices, they can fill in and send their storechecks very easily, where the administrator immediately receives the registration in its mailbox.

Form Builder

With the Form Builder of MoreApp, you can make your own checklists with photos, videos, checkboxes and a signature at the end of the form. Besides the option to make photos, you can also add pins to a photo or map to highlight certain aspects of the product or shelve! The forms can be filled online and offline. When you fill in the form offline, MoreApp will automatically sends the form as PDF when it is connected to internet again! Next to that, each storecheck can be exported to Excel or Google Sheets so that your company has an good overview of all the data!

Other than the forms you can build, you can also customise the PDF report to your needs!

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