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MoreApp helps you with an all in one lean management tool to optimise your company processes.

Lean management is a business approach to improve the efficiency and quality of your company’s processes. Lean management helps to deliver increased value for your customers by eliminates tasks that don’t add value to your product and supports ongoing improvement.

What Are the Benefits of Lean Management?

How Can MoreApp Help You to Work Lean?

MoreApp offers an intuitive tool to automate work processes. With this software companies reduce their paper waste and save time on administrative tasks. Customers are building their own digital forms that can be accessed from phones, tablets and computers! A perfect tool that fits the Lean strategy.

By implementing MoreApp you’ll eliminate:

MoreApp and Kyly Group Case

Kyly group is a leading manufacturer of children's clothing based in Brazil. The company implemented MoreApp as one of its lean solutions. Kyly group digitalised its paper audit forms which in turn reduced the time spent to complete the audit processes by 60%. MoreApp even contributed to Kyly group winning the award for the best practices in 5S management! Read the case study.

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