Kyly Group won an award for their 5S Audit process

Kyly Group, a leading manufacturer in children's clothing based in Brazil, uses MoreApp to ensure quality through 5S Digital Audit Forms. In November 2019 the company won the award for best practices in 5S management in Santa Catarina. How did the company win the award?

Kyly Group has been in the clothing market for approximately 35 years. The company is a national industry leader in children's clothing. With an average production of 18M pieces per year, Kyly Group holds 5 brands: Kyly, Milon, Mulberry, Lemon and Nanai.

Values Aligned with Technology

To become an industry leader, quality, sustainability and the recognition of its employees are part of the companies solid values. Values in which MoreApp also believes.

In order to maintain cutting-edge quality in its products, Kyly Group is constantly evaluating its processes. In order to highlight non-conformities and the responsible departments can act. For the Group, structured 5S reports are a crucial point in order to build strategies and action plans based on data collected real-time. That's the reason why Grupo Kyly trusts MoreApp as their tool to develop forms they use to audit their processes.

From Manual to Digital - 5S Audit

“Before, everything was done on paper and the pictures were taken using our smartphones. As consequence the information and reports were hard to manage. Also, we were not able to relate the information on paper with the photos.” - Continuous Improvement Coordinator, Eduardo Dalla Vechia

The idea of recording all the data using one single tool, automating the reports and avoiding loss by giving more credibility to the data, was what led Kyly Group to look for an external solution. After finding MoreApp, the Improvement Coordinator points out that the audits became easier and more structured. Eduardo also loves the practicality of MoreApp's application and the intuitive Platform that he uses to build the form.

“With the implementation of the digital 5S audit form, the auditor reduced the time for the complete process with at least 60%. In addition, no double work needs to be done.” - Eduardo Dalla Vecchia

Best Practices and 5S Management Award

In November 2019 Kyky Group won the award for best practices in 5S management in Santa Catarina.


Valdilir Krazowski (Continuous Improvement Analyst), Hiroaki Kokudai (president of the award jury), André Bastos (head of the award organisation) and Eduardo Dalla Vecchia (Continuous Improvement Coordinator).

Thank you Kyly Group for participating in this interview. We are very happy to be part of this achievement.

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