Vehicle repair intake app

Create vehicle repair intake forms that are tailored to what your company needs. MoreApp’s vehicle repair intake app will help your employees to save time on bureaucratic work because digital forms are fast and easy to fill out. Next to that, a vehicle repair intake app reduces the chance of manual errors.

The vehicle repair intake app is available on iOS and Android and can be accessed both online and offline. The forms can be filled out anytime and anywhere!




What is a vehicle repair intake app?

A vehicle repair intake app is a powerful tool that makes the process of taking in vehicles for repair quick, easy and efficient. The app enables you to capture all the necessary information in just a few clicks. Electronic data collection helps to immediately receive information and proceed with the vehicle repair task straight away. No more manual data entry in a system because MoreApp sends data to your designated place instantly.

MoreApp Form Builder vehicle repair intake

The app works on- and offline

Efficient operations

Quickly create checklists

Securely stored in the cloud

What are the benefits of a vehicle repair intake app? 

The vehicle repair intake app helps you save money and time. The app allows you to capture the vehicle points that need attention, add detailed photos and capture your customer’s signatures electronically. With digital intake forms, your vehicle operations will become more efficient and you never lose any information as it is all stored in a secure cloud.

MoreApp Vehicle repair intake App

Add photos of the damage

Add digital signatures

Email the report to the customer

Create workflows with Zapier

“The PDF report is automatically generated and send via email. So, now we have saved four days of work by replacing paper with digital forms."


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