Vehicle Maintenance App

Conduct vehicle maintenance tasks and report identified issues using MoreApp’s vehicle maintenance app! Administrate the maintenance checks in a standardised manner among all your vehicles. The vehicle maintenance app helps you to track operations in real-time. You will receive instant notification when tasks are completed. Improve the management of your business processes and also save time on administrative tasks.




What is a vehicle maintenance app?

A vehicle maintenance app is an efficient way to capture data and speed up your work processes. Add the vehicle registration plate, the inspector’s signature, the car maintenance tasks and much more! One of the options allows you to add photos so you can show where the damage is located. The MoreApp Form Builder allows you to have full control over the vehicle maintenance app because you can customise the app up to your needs.

MoreApp Vehicle Maintenance form builder

Add photos of the damage

Fill out forms remotely

Add digital signatures

Add vehicle license plate

What are the benefits of a vehicle maintenance app?

The app will bring you many advantages as it replaces your paper forms. You and the customer can instantly receive a well looking detailed report that can be previously customised. Moreover, replacing paper forms with digital ones helps your company to work more eco-friendly and contribute to a sustainable environment.

MoreApp Vehicle Maintenance App

Easy to complete

Secure personal data storage

Receive instant reports

Work eco-friendly

“MoreApp ensures that we can work efficiently. The technician has not even left the house yet and the information is already available at the office!”


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