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Send your customers a digital offer within a few minutes with MoreApp’s proposal app. Use digital proposal forms to instantly present your clients with the selected services and their prices.

Build your own proposal form that's tailored to your company’s needs using the MoreApp Form Builder! The proposal app is available on iOS and Android and can be accessed both online and offline. Instantly receive data collected with your digital proposals and close deals with your clients in no time.

Generating proposals has never been this easy!




What is a Proposal app?

A proposal app is an efficient way to offer your customers a product or service. Add the contact details of a customer, products, or services to order and if needed add-on products or services. MoreApp shows the images of your products and automatically calculates the price and VAT. MoreApp is an easy and intuitive way to make the best offers without wasting time and paperwork.

MoreApp Form builder Proposal App

Calculate VAT and price

Show images of your products

Reduce human-errors

Sends proposals instantly

What are the benefits of a proposal app? 

One of the greatest benefits of using MoreApp is that the forms can be accessed anytime and anywhere, so your clients can always fill out a proposal form and immediately find out the estimated price. Working with digital proposals also saves time and money! All proposals are stored in one place and are accommodated with an extensive report, so you never lose important data. Furthermore, digital forms reduce errors in your proposals because all fields are selectable. With MoreApp, your digital proposal is always up to date, so your customers always have the most accurate product range and prices.

MoreApp Proposal App

The app works on- and offline

Export data to Excel

Add photos and a signatures

Automatically insert the date and time

“The power of MoreApp, to me, is the simplicity! It is super intuitive and works just great!”


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