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Build property inspection forms that are personalised to your company processes. Use the app to add inspection details, attach photos of the property, automatically insert the important date and more! Instantly receive inspection reports, send them straight away to the designated people or your customers. Conducting property inspections has never been easier!




What is a property inspection app?

A property inspection form is a document used by property inspectors to record the details of a visual examination of a building. It helps to thoroughly evaluate the property conditions and assess all its important points. MoreApp’s property inspection app enables inspectors to digitalise their routine property assessments, so the collected information is stored securely and doesn’t get lost. The app is a great solution for companies that operate in the real estate industry.

MoreApp Platform Property Inspection

Add photos

Send the form to designated people

Secure data collection and storage

All data in one place

What are the benefits of a property inspection app?

The intuitive property inspection app helps your employees to avoid typos and human errors which in turn saves time and optimises processes. All information is securely stored in one place and can be accessed by you anytime and anywhere. MoreApp is ISO27001 certified which ensures secure and confidential data collection and storage. By switching from paper to digital forms, you reduce the carbon emission of your business and work more sustainably.

MoreApp Property Inspection form

Work off- and online

Professional looking reports

Automatically insert date and time

Work eco-friendly

"MoreApp works online and offline and we are not dependent on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G coverage. The app caches all the data and once the connection is restored, it sends the data to the database. There are not many apps that work like this."

Blauw Research

Dutch consultancy company

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