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Check with a PPE checklist application whether the requirements for employee safety at work are met. With MoreApp you can customise your checklist easily. Add checkboxes for protective gear, predefined requirements, photos, location and signatures. Receive real-time data from your checklist and integrate MoreApp with your other tools. Work faster and more efficient with MoreApp!




What is a PPE checklist app?

A PPE checklist app allows you to easily monitor and check whether your employees' protective equipment complies with your company's safety measures. The MoreApp Form Builder offers many possibilities with our widgets. You can create a PPE Checklist entirely in accordance with your needs. Add equipment photos, text and signatures to your digital form. Import your data to MoreApp and link it to your checklist. Complete your form from any location, from a mobile phone or tablet, online or offline. Meet your PPE requirements with MoreApp and assure the safety of your employees.

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What are the main advantages of a PPE checklist app?

Simplify your tasks and save a lot of time with a PPE checklist application. Avoid double entry and reduce the risk of making mistakes with MoreApp. Efficiently check your PPE from the field with a digital checklist. Create your own PPE checklist with numerous widgets and useful features. Add a logo, GPS location, photos and signatures to your digital forms. Your data is collected in real-time, digitised and centralised. Using a checklist application allows you to save money and invest in other projects. Optimise your field operations management with the MoreApp checklist application!

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Email the report to the office

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“MoreApp has made us faster and more efficient. We no longer need to spend 2 hours on a report when we get back to the office, everything is sent in one click from the field.”

Frédéric Soulier


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