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Record job interview information and interviewees' responses to the questions easily and quickly using MoreApp’s job interview app. MoreApp immediately generates PDF reports with the captured data, so you can send it to your team for evaluation.

You can use and adjust the existing MoreApp job interview form, or create a new one that is more suitable for the interview process at your company, using the MoreApp Form Builder. Easily use the web version of our app to capture the data on your desktop.




What is a job interview app?

A job interview app is an efficient way to conduct job interviews and record information with digital forms. Add the interview participant’s details such as the name, email, photo, interview answers and more! MoreApp offers you an easy and sustainable way of conducting job interviews without any paper waste.

MoreApp Job interview Form

Email the results to your team

Use web forms on your desktop

You can’t skip required fields

Securely stored data

What are the advantages of a job interview app?

MoreApp forms have many benefits. One of them is that digital forms can be accessed anytime and anywhere. All job interviews and other forms are securely stored in the cloud, meaning that you can never lose any important information. MoreApp is ISO 27001 certified which guarantees secure storage of all your data.

MoreApp Job interview App

Integrate with HR software

Give users rights to specific forms

Professional looking reports

Working sustainably

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