Confirmation of delivered goods app

Create your own or use the already existing confirmation of delivered goods app to efficiently track the status of your internal and external deliveries. The app is a great alternative to paper confirmation forms. It saves time on filling the confirmation order details and sends the report instantly to the required institutions.




What is a confirmation of delivered goods app?

Confirmation of delivered goods app is an efficient way to fill out delivery forms between you, customers and vendors. The app enables you to collect all the required information to track the status of any deliveries. It can includes delivery date and time, the delivery address, some customer specifications and details with their signatures. The quick and easy process of filling out the forms keeps both your customers and employees happy.

MoreApp Platform Confirmation of Deliver Goods App

Add a digital signature

Automatically insert the date and time

Automatically send the reports

Easy to update the form

What are the benefits of a confirmation of delivered goods app?

One of the most important advantages of using MoreApp’s confirmation delivery goods app is the guarantee of secure data collection and storage. MoreApp is ISO27001 certified, which means that all data that MoreApp stores is kept securely. The captured information can also be exported to Excel, Google Sheets or professionally-looking PDF reports.

MoreApp Confirmation of Delivered Goods App

Work on- and offline

Professional looking forms

Secure data storage

Export data to Excel or Google Sheets

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Sara Pacientes (Grupo Soul)

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