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Use the booking app in order to let your customers fill out booking enquires. They can add their contact information and reservation details. The booking app is very easy to adjust with the information you want your customers to provide. The app can be managed with the online Form Builder: simply drag and drop widgets into the form. It’s never been easier to create digital booking forms!




What is a booking app?

The booking app is an efficient and secure way for your customers to request any booking at your facilities. MoreApp helps you to replace inefficient and paper booking enquires with digital ones. Never lose track of your bookings and any important data! Moreover, MoreApp is ISO27001 certified which ensures that your data is securely stored.

MoreApp Platform Booking App

The app works on- and offline

Secure data storage

You can’t skip required fields

Easy to complete

What are the benefits of a booking app? 

Provide your clients with an easy and intuitive way to fill out booking enquiries. Let the customers add their contact information, date and time of arrival and departure, number of visitors, and any additional comments that are relevant to them. The app works both online and offline, so you and your clients can fill out the forms anytime and anywhere! Working with digital forms instead of paper forms is also more sustainable and environment-friendly!

MoreApp Booking App

Give users rights to specific forms

Email the results to your team

Fill out forms remotely

Working sustainably

"It takes less than two seconds to actually use a form that has been created with the online Form Builder. No MoreApp employee, ticket or developer needs to be involved."

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