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Nowadays, digital forms are the most effective and efficient way of capturing data in the field. Use our specialised software to create any type of digital form in a quick and easy manner. Digitalisation is here, leave paper behind and start going digital today!

Paper is being used for centuries now, but what if I told you that millions of trees have disappeared due to the production of paper. Less and less paper is being used and more and more alternatives arise, MoreApp with its digital forms, offers you the perfect substitute for paper forms.

Using digital forms doesn't only contribute to the sustainability of your company and the planet, but also saves you time and money. A digital form costs € 0.25, on average whereas several studies have indicated that the cost of a paper form, with all materials and labour included, is around €4/5 (AIIM, 2012). No calculation is needed to see the benefits from a digital form cost-wise. The time and money that you'll save by going digital will allow you to invest resources in the more important things for you or your company. 

MoreApp offers you the possibility to have your own digital forms App, either use MoreApp's App as it is or brand the App to match your corporate identity. Thanks to our Form Builder and its wide variety of widgets, you'll be able to build your digital forms in a blink of an eye. Fill in the digital forms you created, on your smartphone, tablet, or in the webclient.

Furthermore, MoreApp offers you API integration and the import and export of data to and from Excel and Google Sheets. Add and manage users, customise your forms with colour themes and logos, and send custom PDF's and much more.

Leave paper behind and go digital today! Explore MoreApp's possibilities yourself and sign up for free!

Go Digital Today!

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