What is PPE?

The acronym PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and refers to any equipment intended to be worn or used by the worker to protect him/her from one or several risks that may threaten his/her safety or health. Personal protection is intended to protect the worker from potential hazards that might occur during a specific work activity.

The parts of the body that are need protection the most are the ears, the eyes, the respiratory system, the trunk, the arms, the hands, the legs and the feet.

What are the minimum PPE Requirements?

Personal protection is the last barrier between the worker and the risk and the last resource to implement against occupational hazards. That is why it must be considered as an indispensable technique to eliminate, or otherwise mitigate, the consequences that result from the situation of risk to the worker's health. Personal protective equipment must:

How to Keep Track of PPE?

For any company it is very important to design, establish and implement procedures that anticipate possible problems regarding the safety and health of professionals. In order to perform these functions properly, it is advisable to make an PPE checklist for each worker.

checklist allows companies and individuals to create a list of tasks or questions tailored for different purposes. With an PPE checklist, you can check whether the PPE requirements for the workers safety at the workplace are being met.

How can MoreApp Help in Creating an PPE Checklist?

MoreApp offers you a digital tool that allows you to create forms according to your needs. You can create your own PPE checklist to ensure the safety of your workers. To start with your new PPE checklist, you just have to register on our Platform and start using our widgets. MoreApp forms are built with widgets, that are used to add different fields to your form.

In addition, with MoreApp, you can customise your forms in the style of your company, adding your own logo and colours. Also, you can export the data of your forms to Excel Excel, Google Sheets or One Drive.

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