What are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? 

MoreApp is very attached to its core values and stands for a better and sustainable world. In that way, we want to introduce the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Do you know what they are about? And how MoreApp contributes to those goals? Then keep reading this article to find out.

Companies are more and more aware of the importance of taking better care of the planet but also of the human gender. From the beginning MoreApp has always considered people as one of her top priorities. In a broader perspective, MoreApp stands for a better world and works hard for a positive impact on the environment. In that way, we want you to discover the 17 Sustainable Development Goals put in place by the United Nations and how MoreApp contributes to them by keeping reading. 

What Do Sustainable Development Goals Mean?

You may wonder what the Global Goals for Sustainable Development stand for. It is a program that has been created by the United Nations to improve and advocate universal changes regarding peace and prosperity across all nations. It is a call to action to protect the environment and to put an end to poverty. This program is divided into 17 interconnected Goals including climate change, peace and justice, economic inequality, innovation among others. The UNDP (United Nations Development Program) came into effect in January 2016 and targets that by 2030, every country manages to reach those goals. Keep reading to discover the 17 Sustainable Development Goals


What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

Let's introduce all 17 goals in detail:

  1. No poverty. Ending all forms of poverty is the top priority of the Program. It is the most challenging issue that humanity is facing. The poverty rate has dropped since the 90's but 736 million people on earth are still living in extreme poverty. The UN challenge is increasing resources for the most vulnerable communities and provide support to regions affected by climate disasters. 
  2. No hunger. Progress has been made in terms of hunger and malnutrition in developing countries. Unfortunately, undernourishment still exists. The goal is to ensure that all people have sufficient food all year by promoting agriculture and giving support to farmers. 
  3. Good health. Well-being and health have progressed. For example, life expectancy has increased while infant and maternal mortality have dropped. This starts with eating healthy food and keeping hydration level at its best. But those improvements have been uneven on the planet. The United Nations goal is to provide good health for all. 
  4. Quality education. 57 million children are still out of school even though enrolment in schools has reached 91%. The program launched by the UN is to achieve a quality and inclusive education both for boys and girls. 
  5. Gender equality. Even though inequalities have reduced between men and women, there are still some barriers to break down. This goal encourages women to be leaders in the workplace and highlights the equal rights between both genders. 
  6. Clean water and sanitation. Water stress and shortages affect 40% of people. So that everyone has access to clean water, involves investing in infrastructure and encouraging hygiene, as well as preserving natural resources. 
  7. Renewable energy. Clean energy supports growth and helps the environment. The United Nations goal is to expand infrastructure and use technology to provide efficient energy all over the world. 
  8. Good jobs and economic growth. The number of employees living in extreme poverty has declined over the past years. But inequality still exists. The SDGs promote growth and encourage job creation to end those gaps. 
  9. Innovation and infrastructure. Investing in technology and infrastructure is essential to promote economic growth. As a matter of fact, the UN wants to end the digital gap by bringing more information and knowledge about innovation.
  10. Reduced inequalities. Income inequalities have increased these past years, at a different pace. To reduce the inequalities, the Program aims to foster foreign direct investments as well as monitoring the financial markets. 
  11. Sustainable cities and communities. Cities are growing very quickly, which means investments need to be done in infrastructure. Reaching more sustainable cities means offering careers and job opportunities as well as good housing.
  12. Responsible consumption. Sustainable development can be achieved by encouraging every stakeholder, consumer and business to reduce their waste and encourage them to recycle.
  13. Climate action. +20 is the number of centimetres that the sea levels have risen since 1880. Global warming is a collective and urgent action. The United Nations goal is to gather US$100 billion annually by 2020 to support the developing countries to adjust to climate change.
  14. Life below water. 13,000 pieces of plastic are found every square kilometre in oceans which endangers fish species. The main goal is to protect marine ecosystems from pollution by implementing international laws to enhance conservation of the oceans.
  15. Life on land. Nature is what keeps us alive: it provides food and oxygen for humans. Each year, 13 million hectares of forests disappear which endangers biodiversity and wildlife. The United Nations strengthens the need for common action to preserve global biodiversity.
  16. Peace and justice. Violence, conflicts and insecurity have a negative impact on the development of countries. The goal is to work with governments to promote human rights laws in order to reduce these issues. 
  17. Partnerships for the goals. All these goals are reachable if partnerships and cooperation are fostered. International trade and giving support to developing countries will benefit everyone, in a fairer way. 

How does MoreApp Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals?

MoreApp supports and contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals implemented by the United Nations by sharing the same values. MoreApp's goal is to offer companies the possibility to work paperless by providing a tool to digitise their processes. In a wider perspective, hiring both men and women on an equal pedestal, fostering cooperation by working with cities and helping them to save paper. MoreApp believes in a better future, and remember... every little contribution counts... small stepsbig rewards!

Now that you discovered how MoreApp contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, try our Platform for free to create amazing digital forms!

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Source: https://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home.html

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