Transform Excel into an Android App

Do you want to stop using Excel in order to work in an innovative way? Transform your Excel forms into a digital forms app for Android in just a few steps.

A lot of companies store their data in Excel, which implies having to write and update all the information manually and twice. Moreover, it is really uncomfortable to insert data from paper forms in an Excel file since the interface can be complicated and it is necessary to bring a computer everywhere you go. But, there is another way to collect data in a more friendly and easier way using just a smartphone or tablet.

Digital Forms on Android

Working with digitals forms for Android will ease your processes. To begin with, you just need to sign up and you will obtain an account in order to create forms using the Form Builder that contains a huge variety of widgets. Do you want to know how? Have a look at this video tutorial. If you need more help with the creation of your forms, you can contact us by chatting with us on the website or file a support ticket. We will be really pleased to help you! 

Thanks to the forms app, you will be able to fill in your forms with a lot of extra options in contrary to Excel such as adding photos, digital signatures, and geolocation. Also, a PDF report is automatically generated and send via email. Furthermore, your team will have the possibility to work offline!

Import and Export with Excel

Do you want to try MoreApp, but do you have all your data in Excel? MoreApp gives you the option to import Excel files with all the information of your clients, products or materials that you need so you can use the data in your forms. This is a quick process since you only need to follow some simple steps. Learn how to do it with this tutorial!

There is more! Once your team filled out the forms, a database will be generated with all the entered data. Next to that, you will be able to export the data to Excel!

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