MoreApp’s Tips to Keep Good Vibes during Lockdown

How does our Team continue to keep having good vibes? What is our way of working during the current lockdown? The MoreApp Team shares their tips in order to stay healthy and optimistic during this pandemic period.

The whole world is going through a difficult period. Lockdown, working remotely, anxiety… we know it is challenging. We, the MoreApp Team, want to give you some tips about how to make the best out of this situation.

Our Way of Working Remotely

Lockdown means working remotely. As a SaaS company, we are lucky to be able to continue working. We know it can be quite challenging for some people to adapt to a different way or working.

Here are some of our highlights to keep up with the good work:

Communication. The MoreApp team is used to communicate through Slack between its 3 international offices. Lockdown does not mean not any communication! We share files and updates about the work in progress to keep everyone on the same page.

Meetings. We did not cancel our meetings, they are conducted via video conferences! From our daily “standups” to our weekly meetings, we see each other quite often! Tip: mute yourself whenever one of your colleagues is speaking.

Small talk. Yes! Even if we cannot see each other in real life, that does not mean we cannot exchange about the last home workout we did or the series we watched during the weekend.

Ask for help! Stuck on a task? Need more information about something? We ask our colleagues! They are always happy to help.


The team during our daily stand-up and the Rotterdam team during their bi-weekly retrospective session.

“While our whole economy is disrupted, you continue doing your jobs and doing it well. 🙂 I haven’t heard anyone complain about this situation, you accept it and deal with it.” - Dirk-Jan Hoek, CTO at MoreApp

How to Keep Your Stress Level at its Lowest?

We are aware that COVID-19 is bringing a lot of anxiety and stress to everyone. We all need to adapt to a new routine and we know that it can be challenging.

Some of MoreApp’s team members came up with good activities to keep good vibes:

Meditation session. Every 2 weeks, our colleague Denise Ermes gives us a 30-minute meditation session via video conference. It is all about focusing on breathing and clearing up your mind. We felt relaxed and energised afterwards!

Hatha yoga class. We also tried hatha yoga guided by Denise. Hatha yoga is a combination of stretching and breathing exercises. After days spent at home, we need to keep our body healthy and it really helped to relax!

Home workouts. Not going out also means no natural activation of the muscles when walking, for example. It is important to move our bodies to stay healthy. We love doing planking and squats to improve our strength and endurance!

Relax with your pets. Cuddling your pet is proven to reduce anxiety!

Enjoy your garden. If you have a garden or a balcony, make the most out of it! We love watching our vegetables growing.



Our team members with their pets, great gardens and online yoga!

“Even though we are not together at the office now, the feeling that we are a team is still there! This is a good feeling!” - Maaike van der Heijden, Product Genius at MoreApp

Be safe and stay at home!

We are curious about your tips! Share your best advice with us in order to keep being healthy on our Instagram channel!


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