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Tracking hours can be a time-consuming task due to a lot of calculations and paper work. Use MoreApp to digitise your time-trackings, where your hours are automatically summed up and put into a clear overview.

Keep up with time-trackings using MoreApp

Everybody that has worked on his or her registration of hours knows that this work can be annoying and time-consuming. Before you know, you are losing the overview because of the piles of paper and the big amount of numbers. Not a fun thing to do, but have you ever thought of the possibility to digitise this process with an app?

The process of digitising is not a very technical task; with the MoreApp Platform, it is very easy to do. When making new forms for your time-tracking, you can choose to install a time-tracking form from the Marketplace or to make a form by yourself. Every time when a form is send from the time-tracking app, you will receive it in your mailbox and all the registrations will be placed in an overview on the Platform. This data can then be easily exported to an Excel- or Google Sheets-file.

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