Time Tracking app for Events

A professional and clear time registration app. The employer adds a digital signature for approval.


Infinity entertainment is an event agency with loads of different services. For example drive in shows, music, sound, lighting, catering and weddings. The company rents out staff for various employers.


Infinity entertainment has seen a lot of different apps. MoreApp best suited their requirements. The most important requirement is to be able to sign for approval of the hours. Infinity uses MoreApp to track time of the worked hours and fill in declaration forms.


"MoreApp allows you to fill in forms anytime and anywhere." - Ho Yin Chiu


The time tracking used to be filled in on paper and needed to be retyped. Every day Ho Yin printed out paper forms for the employees. Sometimes the time registration was not completed or the form got lost. A lot of paperwork doesn't work well and doesn't look professional. Employees also had to come to the office to fill in the declaration forms.


The MoreApp Time tracking app is the perfect app for Infinity Entertainment. The employer adds a digital signature and immediately agrees on the worked hours. The time tracking app looks professional and clear. The employees can fill in the declaration forms directly from their own location.

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