The Inspection App from Altena Group B.V.

The Dutch company Altena Group B.V. chooses to use MoreApp for all their forms: inspection app, declarations, service reports, delivery statements, work orders and more. It is no longer an option to work with paper.


Altena Group B.V. consists of 4 divisions: Altena Cleaning, Altena Projects, Altena Services and Altena Offshore. The company offers a wide range of activities which requires efficient collaboration and administration.


Altena Group B.V. uses the following digital forms: declarations, service reports, inspection app, work orders (for example for time registrations) and service reports for maintenance work on, for example, air treatment installations. Various departments work with the MoreApp forms such as; Human Resource (introduction form, employment and termination of new employees), Purchasing (issuance registration, fleet management) and Warehouse (orders, repair forms).


"For Altena Group B.V. it is simply no longer an option to work with paper." - Marissa Heeren


Altena Group B.V. strives for a fully digital administration. MoreApp makes this possible. Altena Group B.V. first only used MoreApp for service reports. But now every form is filled in with the digital forms app.


MoreApp saves Altena Group B.V. a lot of time in the long run. Time is needed to create the digital forms. Once they are finished, they can be used unlimited. Forms that save Altena Group B.V. a lot of time are the declaration forms. With MoreApp you can place a digital signature, so employees no longer have to drive to the office to hand in a form. This can now be done safely and quickly with MoreApp without creating unnecessary mileage.

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