The Account Manager App

Each account manager suffers from having too many paper forms. As an accountmanager, you are responsible for maintaining relationships with customers. The account manager app of MoreApp will make this task a lot easier!

Account managers communicate between the customers and the internal teams of the company. This data must always be up to date, to ensure that the company can develop a good relationships with its customers. Because of the multiple persons that this account manager has to communicate with, it is very time-consuming to gather information with paper forms. Digital forms will make it much easier to record invoices, sales orders, visit reports and customer information. This accountmanager app is a must-have!

Customer Relationships

It is very important that the progress of each month or quarter is communicated clearly with the internal and external stakeholders. The data, that is captured with the account manager app, can automatically be placed into the right database or CRM-system. In this way, every colleague has an insight in the appointments that someone has made, which saves time in contacting your colleagues. The forms are easy to make and adjust. Digital forms also reduce the amount of mistakes that could be made.

With MoreApp, companies are certain that the data is always up-to-date and that this data fulfills the needs of the customers. The account manager app guarantees a successful relationship with the customer!

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