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In the current world, products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly become increasingly important. MoreApp supports these products by reducing the use of paper forms!

Because sustainability is getting increasingly more important, a lot of companies are innovating their products or new products to environmentally friendly products, by eliminating for example the use CO2 emission in cars and switch to electric cars. Because of the large consumption in every society on our planet, more usage of energy and the growth in population, more and more natural resources such as fossil fuels are used to maintain and improve our own welfare.

Besides, the urbanisation and growth of cities causes deforestation that also harms our nature. This deforestation is also caused by the use of paper forms in a business. If deforestation continues in the way it is currently doing, 80 or even 90% of our forests will be destroyed.

The use of new innovations to make products more sustainable is fortunately growing in the past years. Different solutions such as wind/sun/water energy, recycling of paper and plastic and electric vehicles make sure that there is a bigger focus on sustainability and that our nature and environment is getting more protected against pollution and products that could harm the environment.

MoreApp support this sustainability by giving companies the option to reduce the use of paper and to start digitising their paper administration. In this way, a company is also more organised and effective and reduces the risk of losing important information.

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